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The space never stops to amaze the humankind, but there is a place still full of wonders and mysteries waiting for us to discover them. We searched the internet and found most amazing 10+ real mermaids caught on camera. We are not sure if these videos are real or just some playful minds’ fabrications, but it is up to you to decide. Let’s see the amazing sea creatures videos. Prepare to be amazed.

1. Submarine camera captures mermaid in movie documentary

One of the most amazing footages with a mermaid is the one published by Animal Planet in their documentary. While investigating the depths of the ocean, the inner camera of the submersible captures unbelievable humanoid hand touching the window. The scientists and the crew in the water vehicle are shocked about the event. Check the video below:

2. Real mermaid video in Israel

A strange video was filmed in Israel as two men where debating if the creature standing on the shore is a seal or not. In the next minute, the creatures turns to them and after looking at them it jumps into the water. However, when it moves, it is obvious that it has a humanoid torso, head and arms, and it does not look like a seal. We are not sure if this video is real, due to lack of quality. Check it out and decide for yourself:

3. One of the most amazing real mermaid caught on camera

The next video is from Australia and it was filmed in 2007. While filming the ocean life, underwater, someone captures a feminine figure with a long fish tail swimming gracefully above. It could be a very elaborate hoax, some skillful video editing, or an actual mermaid. We don’t know, but you can see for yourself and decide:

4. A very weird looking mermaid or fishman

Nobody expects the mermaid to be these perfect feminine or muscular figures with beautiful emerald fish tails, but the next video is looking rather strange. The video might seem spooky and weird, so take this as a warning.

5. The mermaid caught in the fishnet – one of the best real mermaid caught on camera

The next video is also published by Anima Planet. Some fishermen found something incredible while taking the nets out of the water and unloading the fish. A humanoid hand suddenly erupts from the fishnet and as it breaks free the fishnet falls back into the water. We wonder why are all these videos from Animal Planet all featuring these mysterious hands reaching out? We wonder if they are actually, some hoax.

6. Man filming mermaid in a cave in Mexico

A man filmed a girl with a mermaid tail while swimming in a cave in Mexico. However, some viewers were not impressed by the footage because the tail does not look legit. Take a look and see for yourself:

7. Mermaid caught on video next an oil tank

8. Footage of mermaid swimming in a river

9. Mermaid splashes paddleboarders on camera

10. Old Real mermaid from Animal Planet documentary

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