Stories of Time Travelers - Twist of Creation

These 10+ stories of Time Travelers were caught on Video. We gathered the most incredible stories and we present them to you. Is it possible that the humankind developed time travel abilities and what we witness now is the proof? Check the following unbelievable videos of time traveler stories and interviews.

1. Siberian claims he is a time traveler from 4040

This story comes from a man from Siberia who claims he could travel in time, in 4040. He was working in a science lab and with his team they were working on developing a time machine. He describes a future similar to the scenario of Terminator movies, where robots take over the world and wipe the humans of the Earth. This war led to a post-apocalyptic world. Moreover, the Earth received a signal from another planet and this collaboration led to a better life and prosperity.

2. The story of Time traveler John Titor, from 2036

John Titor claims he traveled in 2036, in the future and saw some pretty strange events. His story, as the previous one, talks about a future where computers take over and control the world and us. We are not so sure this story is accurate, but below you can see the strange interview.

3. A man claims to travel from 2030

The interview with this man is blurred, however you can definitely perceive a young man in the footage. However, he claims he is 50 years old and he took some amazing pills that returned him a more youthful appearance. He also claims that time travel is possible, but it will be available to the public starting with 2028. However, we believe it is a hoax since he claimed that Trump would win the 2020 elections.

In a different video, it appears that Noah is going through a lying detector test. The conclusion is that he is telling the truth, however his predictions are not quite on point. Is he living in a different universe?

4. Interviews with dream time travelers

Anthony Paddila is famous for his interview with various people. A very interesting video is the one where he is interviewing people who claim they time traveled in their dreams. The things they describe are quite bizarre and out-of-place. Decide for yourself.

5. 10 people who claim they are time travelers

The NerdVid channel published a very interesting video about stories all over the world about time travel. These stories include the tourist from Taured, the disappearing hotel, and many more. Check this amazing video:

6. The mysterious time traveler girl from Russia

A very puzzling story talks about a girl appearing in numerous building pictures from various time periods, wearing the same clothes and looking pretty much.. the same. These pictures were used to create cards and postcards. Only recently, a group of scientists from Krasnoyarsk noticed the bizarre detail. In more than 20 pictures, they could see a small figure, almost blending in the sepia background. They noticed a girl, in same clothes, almost standing in same position next to a wall. Her clothes suggested a high education and an upper family status.

7. The man who met himself from the future

This weird story is about a man who claims he met his future version. He is also showing images to prove this claim. In the image he is shown next to an older man with similar face features and the same tattoo on the right arm. Check the video and decide for yourself:

8. The time traveler from 2133

This man is traveling into the past from 2133. He is giving specific details about time travelling and a lot of other predictions about the changes in the world.

9. 4 of the most amazing stories of time travelers in the world

The Good Mythical Morning channel shared a video about 4 time travel proofs caught in pictures. These pictures don’t yet have an explanation, but with time, who knows? Check the cool video below:

10. Time traveler brings photo from year 5000

The next video shows a man whose face is blurred and voice distorted. He claims he could travel in time and he has a picture from the year 5000 to support his claims. Check the video:

We are not sure if these interviews, pictures and claims are true, but we admit that the idea of travelling in time does seem appealing. However, such an ability could bring a lot of damage to the human kind than benefits. Just imagine the amount of people who would like to go back in time to change something, to earn money easy, to save someone, or to change something they regret. The world and time would probably be a chaos.

What do you think? Could these stories of time travelers be true or just fantasy hoax that people like to fake?