10+ Strange sound from the sky - 2021

People all over the world captured weird noises coming from the sky and we still do not know what are the sources. For this particular reason, we compiled a list of 10+ strange sounds from the sky in 2021. Could these sounds be the sign of the Apocalypse? People heard weird sounds in SUA, Ukraine, Canada, Belgium, Brazil, Spain, Chile, Germany and Poland. Some even say that these sounds come from space and are the trumpets of the angels, as written in the Bible’s Apocalypse. Let’s check the twisted sounds from the sky below.

1. Strange sounds from the sky in Chile, in 2012

Strange noises were captured as coming from the sky at the beginning of 2012, and people assumed is the warning of the end of the world, as specified by the Mayan culture. The eerie sounds are interesting and to this day, nobody knows the source of these sounds and why they keep repeating.

2. Strong twisted sounds in the skies of Germany

The next sound was captured in 2012 and it is still quite intriguing. You will notice in the video that the vibration which cause these terrifying sounds are also starting the alarms of the nearby parked cars. Check it out.

3. Terrifying sounds in Chicago

The next video was captured in 2012 in Chicago and it could not be explained until now. Some viewers believe it might be the sounds from a nearby construction site or someone operating a crane or a big machine. What do you think?

4. Trumpets sounds in the sky of Hawaii

The next video was captured in 2018, in Hawaii and it sounds like trumpets singing loudly in the sky. We wonder if these sounds are made by some human machinery or if they are coming from the skies.

5. Strange sounds from the sky in Jerusalem

The next footage was filmed by a man in Jerusalem, in 2016. The sounds seem to be loud trumpets, but what is very interesting is some sort of circle made of the clouds above. Take a look and decide if this video is real or a hoax.

6. Scary sounds from the sky in Germany

The next one on our list of strange sounds from the sky is from Germany. It was filmed in 2020 and the sky seems to serene to be just a simple thunder storm. Those who saw the video were really amazed by the sound. Listen and see for yourself.

7. Incredible sounds from the skies in Denmark

People usually know how an aircraft, an airplane, an helicopter or any other natural phenomenon like storm and thunder sounds like. So, they usually capture on videos only sounds which seem very strange and rare. The same is the next video. Check it out.

8. What is this sound from British Columbia?

Check the video of these amazing sounds heard in British Columbia. However, it seems that these are very close to a construction site, so they might be related.

9. Alien-like sounds in Los Angeles, 2021

The next sound is very bizarre and reminds us of the scary alien movies. The sound seems metallic and loud. What could it be?

10. Weird trumpet sounds in the sky in 2021

In January, 2021, more trumpets sounds were heard in the sky. The audio feels very eerie and mysterious. Check it out.

11. Creepy sounds in the sky in Poland

It sounds like a military exercise of some sort, but this is just speculation. What do you think is causing this creepy sound in the sky?

12. Eerie music in Jersey Town

People are troubled by loud music heard in the entire town, but nobody knows where it is coming from. Check it out.

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