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Check out the newest 10+ UFO sightings in 2020, along with photos and videos from their witnesses. A lot of things happened in 2020 and it was one of the most stressful periods from the last decade. In the beginning of the year 2020, the Pentagon even admitted that a couple of UFO videos which leaked a few years ago, were, in fact, legit and not fake. This action made the humankind understand that probably more other videos of UFOs are real. After many years when the Pentagon did its best to hide and deny that the UFOs are actually real, they choose 2020 to make this bold statement. Due to the fact that 2020 made us really angsty because of the COVID-19 pandemic, publishing the statement that the UFOs are real didn’t really made the people panic.

Let’s see the most recent UFO sighting in 2020!

1. The UFO spotted in Abbotsford

In July, 2020, a man from Abbotsford filmed an UFO, a light in sky which appeared to change its shape in air. The footage has around 9 minutes and you can see the object filmed during daylight changing its shape, luminosity and even appears to emit some sort of short light spikes, from time to time. Check the video bellow and decide for yourself if the object is an actual UFO.

2. Cigar shapes UFOs in California

The next video was filmed in California, in December, and feature 2 cigar shaped UFOs over the city. The video seems genuine because, at some point, one of the objects is covered by the nearby clouds. However, because the objects are in to far into the distance the witness’ camera cannot zoom well. We are not sure if the light is just some city light projected on the above clouds. What do you think?

3. Big blue UFO crashing into the ocean near Hawaii, Oahu

In December 2020, a bright blue UFO was filmed in the night skies, briefly before it crashed into the ocean. The witnesses were baffled by the sight and the videos also appeared at the local news stations. See the following video about one of the most amazing UFO Sightings in 2020.

4. 5 lights UFOs in the Gulf of Mexico

An interesting sight was captured by a few boatmen, in the Gulf of Mexico. They saw 5 lights into the distance while they were on a boat. One interesting fact about this video is that it is obvious that the objects float on the water as they seem to move with the waves. It could also be that the lights are just another boat, floating into the distance. Check for yourself:

5. UFO over New York

A witness from New York captured a very interesting UFO photo in 2020. The image showed three light objects in the clouds, next to a lightning storm. We are not sure if the picture it is legit. However, if it is legit we are not sure if the lights are not just kitchen lights reflected in the window.

10+ ufo sightings in 2020 - twistofcreation
10+ ufo sightings in 2020 – twistofcreation

6. Mysterious yellow UFO lights over Huston, Miami, Long Island

On the View, an interesting subject was debated because multiple yellow UFO lights were seen in the night by many witnesses. It is unknow if these crafts belong to the govern or if they are aliens. Check the discussion below:

7. Incredible diamond shaped UFO over the Giza Pyramids, December 2020

Many persons spotted diamond shaped UFOs flying over the Giza Pyramids, on 3rd December, 2020. The videos are uncanny and the people who say them cannot explain the phenomenon. See for yourself and decide:

8. Flying saucers above the clouds, Nagoya, Japan

A brief footage shows three lights flying above the clouds, over the city of Nagoya, Japan. They appear to look for something, before fading away in the sky. What they want and who they are? Who knows if we will ever know.

9. Weird v-shaped UFO caught on camera

The following strange object was caught on the security camera in Irving, Texas. The apparition is eerie and the cause could not be pinpointed. Check it out!

10. Huge triangle shaped UFO over Whittier, California

The following video was filmed after an earthquake, in Whittier, California. Some people believe they might be drones, but since we have no official statement over this event, it is up to you to decide for yourself.

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