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While we sent a few rovers and space ships to observe and study the beautiful red planet, Mars still has a bunch of secrets. The following 10+ unexplained Images captured by Mars rover captured weird objects and structures on the planet and the scientists’ explanation resumes to rocks and similar structures. In this article we present to you images and videos which try to expose these interesting objects, however it is up to you to decide if they are just rocks and pebbles or something else…

1. The moving rock in the Mars rover images

The following video exposed by The Cosmos News presents a series of images taken by the Mars Rovers. In some of these pictures, you can see a strange looking structure which appears and disappears from the photos. It could be an illusion caused by the perspective and angle from which the photos were taken. Take a look!

2. Pebbles that could prove ancient rivers on Mars

Near the Gale Crater, scientists who control the Mars rovers found pebbles organized as if they have been a part of an ancient river or sea. The pebble present a polished surface similar to the rocks found in the rivers’ bed. More than this, the sides of these areas present water erosion. If this is true it could mean that rivers and seas used to cover the red planet.

3. Metal-looking rock found on Mars by Curiosity Rover

In 2016, a strange metal-looking rock was found on Mars by the Curiosity Rover. The rock looks nothing like the rest of the environment where it was found. Nasa named the object the Egg Rock because of its smooth, spherical surface. After analyzing the object, the composition presents a mix of iron, nickel and phosphorous. The mix is rare for the Mars surface, but it is common for the structure of asteroids. It is not sure if this is just an asteroid or if it belonged to some intelligent beings. Check the video from Tech Insider, below:

4. Mysterious rock appears in Rover’s image where it was nothing

A mysterious rock appears in the images of the rover in the same place, where it was nothing captured hours ago. It is not sure if the donut-shaped-rock landed there along with a meteorite or if someone simply placed it there. Check out the CNN video below:

5. Bigfoot spotted on Mars

One of the most Unexplained Images captured by Mars Rover is the following one. An incredible image captured by the Martian robots presents an object or beings looking very similar to the Bigfoot or Yeti. The structure is really strange. What do you think?

6. The critter on Mars – small animal rock

The following weird animal-looking object was spotted by WhatsUpintheSky37 and posted on his channel. We are sceptical that the small rock is an actual animal, but you can let your imagination unwind.

7. Crab-like creature found on Mars

The next image really sparks the imagination of the alien fans. In one of the rover’s images, a very strange rock formation was spotted. Underneath a rock you can see a crab-like creature hanging on the rock. Check it out!

8. Human-shadow next to the Mars Rover

The next image is quite peculiar because it shows the shadow of a man dressed in space-suit doing maintenance on the Rover. This image was not explained and ignites the conspiracies that we are not told the true about alien life. Check it out!

9. Mysterious light spotted on the surface of Mars

The next photo was never explained, and it makes the people speculate that life indeed exists on mars. The explanation from NASA that the light is the sun reflecting from the rocks’ surface simply does not seem plausible. Decide for yourself.

10. Martian soldier stalking the Mars Rover caught on camera

Check the next video featuring a sort of frozen Alien soldier on the Mars surface. The object could be an actual rock, but it really made the viewers imagine all sort of things. See for yourself.

11. Cigar-shaped UFO on the Mars surface

12. Professors from Ohio suggests insects living on Mars based on rover’s images

13. Ancient Alien skull found in Mars images

The next video posted on Paranormal Crucible channel, on Youtube, states that an ancient alien skull was spotted in the Spirit Rover’s images. This finding might put a light on the ancient traditions of creating elongated skulls to resemble the gods.

14. Ancient Ruins on the surface of Mars