100 000 year old electrical plug - Twist of Creation

In 1988, an electrical engineer named John. J. Williams was enjoying a hiking trip in North America when he stumbled upon a weird artefact sticking out of the ground. He was amazed to find a 100,000 year old electrical plug embedded in a rock. The ancient artefact is one of the most amazing objects ever found that still sparks a lot of curiosity. Could it be an authentic proof that highly intelligent civilizations lived on Earth 100,000 years ago? We have to admit that it is strange that the artefact was found by an electrical engineer.

Embedded plug in stone - Twist of Creation
Embedded plug in stone – Twist of Creation

After noticing the device protruding of the ground, the engineer dug deeper, only to find out that the plug was embedded in a rock. Many people are skeptical about this object especially because Williams did not disclose the location where he found the plug. However, the object becomes more strange as people tried to study its properties. The size of the electrical plug is about 8 mm in diameter and the pins are 3 mm high. The space between the pins is about 2.5 mm with a thickness of 1 mm. The rock in which is embedded posses some qualities that are favorable for electrical systems. The rock contains quartz, feldspar and mica.

Some people even offered John J. Williams 500,000 dollars for this artefact, but he refused the offer. The 100,000 year old electrical plug does not contain glue, resin or any other type of substance to keep it stuck in the rock.

Plug outlet pins - Twist of Creation
Plug outlet pins – Twist of Creation

These incredible objects seem to appear all over the world, revealing that the history is not really as we studied in school. But most of the times, these objects only make the history more mysterious than ever. What do you think? Is this an objects that used to belong to an ancient highly technologically developed civilizations or is just a very elaborated hoax?

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