15-million-year-old shoe print - Twist of Creation

An incredible discovery was made in Nevada, when a 15-million-year-old shoe print was found in Nevada, in the Fisher Canyon. The shoe fossil was found in a coal seam and because the vein was estimated to be around 15-million-year-old, it was assumed that the print has the same age. The size of the shoe seems to be 13 and a double stitched line can be observed around the circumference of the shoe print. For the moment, it is difficult to understand how the shoe print got there, but many people speculate on its origins.

The speculations say that the 15-million-year-old shoe print was left there by an advanced ancient civilization that walked on Earth long before us. Some ideas state that perhaps the print were made by aliens who visited Earth before us, while a more interesting idea implies that the shoe print was left by human visitors who travelled back in time from the future. What do you think about this shoe print? It is real or is it a hoax?

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