The Simpsons predictions for 2020 - Twist of creation - most bizarre coincidences

Most bizarre coincidences are hard to believe and some even make you wonder if this universe has some strange and twisted rules that we did not yet discover. Read about the mysterious events and facts that will make you wonder if the reality you live in hides some strange secrets. The following twisted coincidences include weird numbers, strange dates and occurrences. Let’s see these amazing and incredible facts through out the history.

1. The man who was 7 times hit by lightning

Man hit by lightning 7 times - twistofcreation
Man hit by lightning 7 times – twistofcreation

Roy Cleveland Sullivan was hit 7 times by lightning, during his lifetime and he survived it each and every time. He was born on February 7, 1912 and died on September 28, 1983. His death however was caused by a gunshot and not a lightning. He was an United States park ranger in a national park from Virginia. For the average person it’s unlikely to be hit by lightning even once during their lifetime, yet Roy managed to be hit 7 times. (source: wiki)

It is a miracle to be hit so many times by such a huge electrical charge and survive. Two of the hats he wore while he was lightning struck are today displayed in the Guinness World Exhibit Halls. To better understand how scary is to be hit by lightning check the following video of a man nearly missed by a lightning.

2. The identical lives of the separated identical twins

One of the most bizarre coincidences is the life of a set of twins from Ohio. After being set for adoptions, they were given by the adoptive family the names of James, they became police officers, married women named Linda and named their children James Allan and James Alan and had a dog named Toy. Later, they both divorced and married women named Betty. These coincidences were later found out when they found each other. We wonder if this is simple coincidence or the twins are sharing a connection which cannot be easily understood.

Usually, when twins grow together they tend to adopt different hobbies and passions to be more unique, but these twins even have the same food likings, same health problems and clothing style.

The identical life of the identical twins - Twist of Creation
The identical life of the identical twins – Twist of Creation

3. Was the book of Edgar Allan Poe a look into the future?

When Edgar Allan Poe wrote and published the book The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, nobody believe him when he claimed that the book is a real story. The story is about 4 sailormen who survive a ship wreck and in order to survive are forced to eat a cabin crew boy named Richard Parker. There is nothing strange here. However, after 46 years, 4 sailors survived when a boat sank and they had to sacrifice a boy named, Richard Parker. (source: people)

Was Edgar Allan Poe gifted with foretelling abilities or was it just a very dark coincidence?

Edgar Allan Poe - foretelling abilities - Twist of Creation
Edgar Allan Poe – foretelling abilities – Twist of Creation

4. Mark Twain’s strange death prediction

Another writer who seemed to predict important events was Mark Twin. Besides the books he wrote and seem to offer us a glimpse of the future, he also predicted the moment of his death. Mark Twain was born in 1835, the same year the Halley Comet could be seen in the sky. In 1909 he said that when the comet will return, he will go also go away with it. Strange or not, Mark Twain died as soon as the comet was visible in the sky. (source: Mark Twain death)

Mark Twain comet - Twist of Creation
Mark Twain – Halley Comet – Twist of Creation

5. Miss Unsinkable Lady

Violet Jessup was a nurse who survived sinking of HMS Olympic, HMHS Britannic and the famous RMS Titanic. We are not sure if the woman was very lucky, or maybe she was a very bad luck for the rest of the passengers. She later earned the name of Miss Unsinkable. Maybe, it would have been best if she would have stayed on land. (source: history)

Miss Unsinkable - Twist of Creation
Miss Unsinkable – Twist of Creation

6. The coincidence of Enzo Ferrari and Mesut Özil

Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari company died in 1988, and Mesut Özil was born in 1988. There is nothing out of ordinary until this point. However, the two men share rather strangely similar looks. Is it possible that Ferrari reincarnated in the same year because he has a life purpose to continue? We knows?

Strange look-alike between Ferrari and Mesut Ozil - Twist of Creation
Strange look-alike between Ferrari and Mesut Ozil – Twist of Creation

7. The Strange coincidences from the Simpsons cartoon series

The Simpsons are well-known for predicting some of the most relevant events of the modern history. We are not sure if this is pure coincidence or if these writers tap into some subtle energies when they get their inspiration flow. Some of the most popular predictions from The Simpsons series are the following:

  • Trump being elected the president of USA – they predicted this in an episode from 2000. Nobody would have believed it back then so it was mind-blowing when it actually happened;
  • Lady Gaga performance, descending wearing a similar suit while hanging by cables;
  • In 2010, they predicted that Bengt R. Holmstrom would win the Nobel Prize in Economics. In 2016, it really happened;
  • Siegfried and Roy being attacked by their Tiger from 2003 was predicted in 1993;
  • The faulty voting machine from the 2012 election between Obama and Romney was predicted in 2008;
  • The 1998 episode about the Farmville addiction becomes reality when people are addicted to the popular Facebook game with same name;
  • An episode from 1993 is the perfect prediction of the year 2020. In this twisted episode some Japanese workers spread a virus in USA by accident through the packages and a van containing killer bees is knocked over freeing the bees. (source: wrap)
The Simpsons predictions for 2020 - Twist of creation
The Simpsons predictions for 2020 – Twist of creation

8. The man who predicted the sinking of Titanic

In 1898, Morgan Robertson, a fantasy writer, wrote a novel about the sinking of a ship called The Titan in the novel Futility. The bizarre coincidences don’t end here, because, like in real life, the boat was considered unsinkable and the lifeboats were insufficient. Also, The Titan hit an iceberg before sinking. Since this was the most common travel method between the continents a tragedy of this size was maybe not at all improbable. (source:

The Titan similarity with the real Titanic - Twist of Creation
The Titan similarity with the real Titanic – Twist of Creation

9. World’s most bizarre coincidence – the license plate of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

The WW1 began when Archduke Franz Ferdinand was murdered, in Sarajevo, in 1914. The license plate of the car he was travelling in had the license plate number A III 118. Why would this matter? You could say that everything was already written. The World War 1 ended on 11th November 1918, which is also written as 11/11/18. It could be a simple coincidence, or a more elaborated universal sign. (source: telegraph)

World War 1 coincidence - Twist of Creation
World War 1 – most bizarre coincidences – Twist of Creation

10. First and last hero soldier of World War 1

It could be a sort of natural cycle closing in, but in Belgium’s Saint Symphorien cemetery, the tombstones of the first and last war soldiers are placed face to face, only a few meters apart. The arrangement was not planned, yet it’s somehow unusual and peculiar. (source: the guardian)

11. Stephen Hawking shares the birth date of Galileo and death date of Einstein

Stephen Hawking, the famous cosmologist, share the same birth date as Galileo Galilei, 300 years apart and same death date with Albert Einstein, 139 years apart.  A bigger mystery is him surviving for 76 years after being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Most people diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease. live for about 4 years after the diagnose. Maybe his forever-learning-and-researching brain and well-known humor are the secrets to fight any critical illness. Or maybe his purpose was far greater than the illness he carried all those years.

12. The Commette family got hit by a meteorite

It is very unlikely to be hit by a meteorite and scientists claim that is a probability from 1 to 1,600,000 for this event to happen. However, a family in France was involved in one of the most bizarre coincidences in the world. The family name is Commette and they were hit by a meteorite. (source: National Geographic)

Meteorite - twist of creation
Meteorite – twist of creation

13. Crash of the only two cars in town

In 1895, in Ohio, there were only two cars in the entire town. Somehow, they managed to crash into each other, at a road intersection. This is quite coincidental, and also a bit funny.

14. The almost identical card of an Australian man

While he was in Greece, an Australian found a piece of a card which had same color, same first 6 numbers, same name start and expiration date. What would be the odds? Could it be that he came upon the card that one of his version from a parallel dimension lost? (image and source: © mortoson/reddit)

Same credit card details - Twist of Creation
Same credit card details – Twist of Creation

15. Same zip code and t-shirt number?

Some events need images to proof that they actually happened. The same if for this fellow who was given the marathon number 33607 while he was wearing the same number on his shirt. The coincidence is not ending here because the time he used to finish the marathon was also 3:36:07. (source: © Sneaky-Goat/reddit)

Same zipcode, marathon number and time
Same zip code, marathon number and time

16. Man flying the same aircraft in which he was photographed in childhood

When he was a kid, the uncle and grandpa of this man took him to an aircraft show. There, he took a picture in one of the exhibited crafts. 20 years later he found out he was actually driving the very same aircraft from the picture. Could this be called coincidence or this man simply followed his childhood dream? (source: © RockYourOwnium/imgur)

Aircraft from Childhood
Aircraft from Childhood – most bizarre coincidences


17. Woman wrote a “love spell” on a dollar bill and she found her love

After a breakup a woman name Esther wrote her name on a dollar bill and said that she will marry the man who will bring it back. Later, her current boyfriend was about to hand the dollar bill to a cashier when he saw her name written on it, while he was thinking of her. He saved it, framed it and later gave it to her as a gift. Later, they engaged and married and she told him the true story of the dollar bill. (source: The American Life)

18. The incredible story of the plum pudding

Émile Deschamps, the 19th-century French poet was introduced to plum pudding by an Englishman called Mr. de Fortgibu. More than years after this event, Deschamps saw plum pudding in the menu in a restaurant and wanted to order it, but the waiter already gave the last one to a man in the restaurant, a few tables away. It was Mr. de Fortgibu. Then, after another decade, Deschamps was invited to a party where they were serving plum pudding. He then joke about the party is probably in honor of Mr. de Fortgibu. Next moment, Mr. de Fortgibu showed up at the door. He came to the wrong door, since he was invited to a nearby party.

19. Two Dennis the Menace stories appeared at the same time

It is well known that sometimes same or similar ideas are caught by two or more artists, writers or scientists at the same time, like the air contains various ideas that need to be discovered or expressed at this precise moment in time. The same happened to two cartoons named Dennis the Menace books. There were no signs of plagiarism since they came out at the same time and there were no actual signs that the authors could have known each other. You can also see the similarities of the two drawings, like they are the negative of each other. Could this be one of the most bizarre coincidences of the world? (source: Reddit)

Dennis the menace stories - TwistofCreation
Dennis the menace – most bizarre coincidences – Twist of Creation


Are these facts coincidences or actual sings from the Universe? Maybe in the future we will discovery that we are connected to each other and to the Universe by more ways than we used to believe and the creation is more twisted than known.