sea buckthorn juice & oil

Sea Buckthorn Juice & Oil are basically everything you need to add to your daily meals, in order to improve your health and well-being. Let’s see together all the benefits of this miraculous plant and how it can help you.

Hippophae is a genus of sea buckthornsdeciduous shrubs in the family Elaeagnaceae. The name sea buckthorn may be hyphenated[1] to avoid confusion with the buckthorns (Rhamnus, family Rhamnaceae). It is also referred to as sandthornsallowthorn,[2] or seaberry. In ancient times, leaves and young branches from sea buckthorn were supposedly fed as a remedy to horses to support weight gain and appearance of the coat, thus leading to the name of the genus, Hippophae derived from hippo(horse), and phaos (shining). Hippophae rhamnoides, the common sea buckthorn, is by far the most widespread of the species in the genus, with the ranges of its eight subspecies extending from the Atlantic coasts of Europe across to northwestern Mongolia and northwestern China.[5][6] In western Europe, it is largely confined to sea coasts where salt spray off the sea prevents other larger plants from outcompeting it, but in central Asia, it is more widespread in dry semi-desert sites where other plants cannot survive the dry conditions. (Source: Wikipedia)

Sea buckthorn

The Sea Buckthorn fruits contain vitamins that are liposoluble (A, E, F, D), but also hydrosoluble vitamins (C, K, P, B vitamin complex). The existence of these two types of vitamins in a single fruit, seems like a paradox, especially because the pH is only 2-3. The researches found the existence of a unidirectional membrane which keeps the vitamins in perfect shape.

To produce Sea Buckthorn juice & oil it is important to know how to harvest the fruits. The fruits will lose their benefic properties in a maximum of 8 hours after the harvest, in normal conditions. In order to keep the vitamins in perfect state, the Sea Buckthorn fruits must be frozen as soon as they are picked up.

Sea Buckthorn can be commercialized as juice, oil or powder.
You can mix the Sea Buckthorn Juice or Oil with any natural juice made of apples, carrots or oranges. You can also add honey if you feel that the taste is too sour. Another way would be to consume it in lemonades or tea.

7 Reasons why you should consume Sea Buckthorn Juice or Oil

  1. It contains three times more vitamin E than carrots or wheat germs.
  2. Sea Buckthorn has four times more enzymes that protect the body from free radicals.
  3. It has anti-wrinkle, anti-aging properties and it helps lose weights.
  4. In its form as oil, the sea buckthorn can help the intestinal transit, being a great help in fighting constipation.
  5. As cold-pressed oil, it can heal sunburns, but also wounds, bruises, acne, psoriasis, herpes, etc.
  6. It fights against cancer and tumors.
  7. It reduces the cholesterol level and maintains a healthy cardiovascular system. It contains fatty acids like Omega 7 that fights against diabetes and helps lose weight.

Sea Buckthorn Juice & Oil are great helpers for the organism and adding them to your diet can make wonders.

Image by silviarita from Pixabay