Ancient Ruins on Mars

Is it possible that there are ancient ruins on Mars, left by a very old civilization which used to live on the red planet? Twist of Creation analyzed some of the images published in February 2021, by the Curiosity Rover and found incredible proofs that an Ancient Civilization used to populate Mars. These images show what seem to be structures that don’t seem to be created naturally, due to their perfectly geometric shape. Check out the Ancient ruins on Mars pictures, below.

1. Mars rock looking like a door or pool frame

The next images present what it seems to be a sort of door frame, made of rock or cement. Beside this shape there appears to be a dome of a building, very similar to the domes of churches or cathedrals.

2. Perfectly rectangular rock proof of ancient ruins on Mars

Another interesting rock we spotted on Mars is a rock with a very rectangular shape. It is very unlikely to find such structures created naturally, so we also included this object on our list. It might be a very rare situation when such object is created by natural factors such as wind, sun and sand storm. The structure could be a part of an ancient building on Mars.

3. Rectangular rock platform spotted on Mars

The following ancient ruin were spotted on an image from 2017, July. You can see the original image from the Rover, here.

4. Bone found on Mars?

The next image was captured by Curiosity rover on Mars, in 2014. The scientists simply said that the bone is a rock shaped in the form of a bone by wind and erosion. However, they did not provide any evidence that they tried to analyze the structure with the chemical camera of the rover. What do you think about it?

5. Ancient ruin city found on Mars

In 2018, the channel WhatsUpintheSky37 published a video about some rock structures that look similar to an ancient city on Mars. The rocks look very polished and their shape are extremely geometrical. Check their video below:

It is not sure if the winds on Mars are very creative while eroding the environment, or indeed we spotted some ancient ruins on Mars. The truth is somewhere out there.

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech