Goats in Welsh - Twist of Creation

While the Corona-virus pandemic is keeping all the humans indoors, the wild animals are starting to reclaim towns, cities and streets. If last year, the animals were hiding deep in the woods and in the wild to keep away from us, more people around the world get to witness as the animals take over cities and towns. Read about 10 cases where the animals took over the world.

Animals take over cities and streets around the world

The next stories show us how the new residents are clamming the world.

1. Kangaroo hops in empty city of Cape Town

Kangaroo in empty city - Animals take over cities - Twist of creation

The next video is showing us a very courageous kangaroo hopping around an empty city filled with skyscrapers. If seeing a kangaroo crossing a street in a remote place is not very surprising, seeing the hopping fellow on the sidewalk of an empty city is certainly very surprising. While the place is normally filled with cars and business people buzzing around, now the surveillance cameras could only capture the happy kangaroo hopping around the city, in South Australia.

2. Penguins walking in empty cities in Cape Town

Wild animals take over the empty cities - Penguins on a stroll - Twist of creation
Source: ABC News

With the lock-down we are facing these days, more animals are witnessed walking around the city. If a kangaroo is not as impressive, try imagining a group of penguins walking the streets of Cape Town. When we think about penguins, we imagine them all swimming and walking in the snow, somewhere in Antarctica. However, this group of penguins looks like a gang escaped from zoo. The three penguins walk peacefully on the streets of the South African city, Cape Town.

3. Deer roaming the streets of Nara, Japan

Deer roaming streets of Nara - Twist of Creation - Wild animals in cities
Source: twitter/okadennis

Even if seeing deer in Japan, in the city of Nara, is not unusual, these animals are usually staying in the parks. Since these animals are not afraid of humans and have no other predator to be afraid of, the lock-down is not the main reason why they are spotted on the streets. Since a lot of tourists and locals feed the deer, while they cannot go out of their homes these days, the deer came in the cities to look for food. Check the next footage about the gracious animals roaming the streets, in Japan.

4. Wild pigs roaming free on the streets of Rome and Paris

Who said that wild boars are not romantic was obviously wrong. Wild boars have been spotted by locals on the streets of a few cities in Italy, but also in Rome and in Paris, France. People captured the unusual footage of these wild animals, from the comfort of their homes.

5. Goats taking over the streets of Wales

While people are forced by the virus to stay indoors, more animals are spotted around the globe, walking freely on the empty streets. A group of white goats were filmed on the streets of Wales. If the animals were scared before by the humans, now since the scent of them diminished in the cities, they are walking around with more ease.

6. A couple of peacocks walking the streets of Ronda, Spain


Couple of Peacocks spot on streets of Ronda, Spain
Source: Flickr / Kristel Van Loock

A really beautiful sight was the image of a couple of peacocks elegantly walking the streets of Ronda, in Spain. The images were captured at the beginning of April.

Peacocks in Ronda Spain - Twist of Creation
Source: Jorge Guerrero | AFP

7. Puma on the streets of Santiago, in March 2020

Puma on the streets of Santiago - Twist of creation
Source: Andrew Pina | AFP

At the beginning of March, Anton Chile captured a very frightening footage on the streets of Santiago. A one-year-old puma was walking the empty streets. According to the SAG (Agricultural and Livestock Service), the animals came down from the nearby mountains looking for food. Check the next video for the entire story and adventure of the wild feline. You can read more here.

8. Swans, fish and jellyfish returning to the canals of Venice

Venice waters cleared and animals returned - Twist of Creation
Source: The Guardian

With the maritime traffic diminishing during the COVID-19 pandemic, the waters of Venice are starting to clear out and animals, fish and birds are returning. People could spot jellyfish, swans, fish, ducks and even dolphins swimming in the clear and blue waters of Venice.

Jellyfish in waters of Venice - Twist of Creation - Wold animals take over cities
Source: Andrea Mangoni via REUTERS

All this being said, we wonder if the world and the animals would be better without humans. Maybe this will make us think more about how our industry and technology is affecting the fauna, flora and the wild life and think about better ways to protect the nature and our planet.