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Most Bizarre events in 2020

We can all admit now, in the last month of 2020, that this year has been a very bizarre and twisted year for the mankind. Weird events happen all the time, but somehow, the year 2020 compiled more such events and perplexed human kind to the bone. The pandemic really scared us all, but the following events really worsen this serious global disaster. Weird signs in the sky, creepy events in the sea, we had everything we could imagine. The most bizarre events in 2020 are the following and are prone to amaze you and even scare you.

1. Pentagon releasing UFO footage

UFO footage - TwistofCreation
UFO footage – TwistofCreation

In any other year, such an action from the Pentagon would have created a huge wave and immense panic among the people. However, it feels like the Pentagon choose their timing just right. In the middle of a pandemic, people could not really put too much thought into the 3 UFO videos released by the Pentagon. We’d say this was a smart move. The three videos have been leaked somewhere in the  2007 and 2017. The videos were filmed in the year 2004, however since then the officials could not pinpoint the true nature of the objects. The bizarre event is the actual official releasing of the videos and not the videos themselves. People had a lowkey idea that the officials are hiding some events from humankind due to all the UFO sightings and it will be a matter of fact until they admit it. The question is, are they releasing the footage because they are trying to accustom the people with such events until they are ready to face the UFO themselves, or they could not find the actual source of these objects and releasing them could help them find out, in case the source might be related to some foreign country and a matter of national security might come in question.

2. The Murder Hornets

Another reason to panic for us, earlier this year, have been the murder hornets surfacing in America. A regular size hornet has a small dose of venom which is not dangerous for a person. However, due to their size, the Murder Hornets could do permanent damage to a person if they would sting more than twice. The invasion of this Asian Hornet created panic at the border between United States and Canada. It is not sure how these hornets got there and in such a large number. A bigger problem is that these Murder Hornets are also killing the honey bees hives and their members, gravely affecting the ecosystem. Anytime we hear about such events, we cannot help but remember those bad experiments escaping science labs.

3. A monkey stole a COVID sample from a lab

Monkey stole Covid19 sample from Lab - TwistofCreation
Monkey stole Covid19 sample from Lab – TwistofCreation

This bizarre event of 2020 is something like a plot from a disaster movie. In one of the Uttar Pradesh’s largest government hospitals, a monkey managed to stole one of the COVID samples and escaped. Why would the monkey be so close to the lab technicians and why was the sample so easy to get, it is pretty bizarre. Check the video of this twisted event below:

4. A large metal monolith appeared in Utah and disappeared

For the SF connoisseur of more vintage movies, the appearance of a large metal monolith in the desert of Utah is something familiar. Those who are familiar with the 2001: A Space Odyssey movie thought it is interesting how a team of biologist spotted a large metal monolith planted in a remote area in the Utah desert. The team was surveying the area from an helicopter when they saw the metal pillar. The monolith was 10 feet tall and had a very smooth and even surface with no dents or apparent wielding. However, as mysterious as it appeared, it also disappeared after a few days.

The origins remain a mystery. Nobody can tell if it was a form of art or if it was installed by some aliens, like in the SF movie.

Some pranksters from Romania decided to also make something similar, so they wielded a similar monolith, but with more rudimentary materials and techniques. The Romanian monolith has visible signs of wielding and sand paper. We can say that their action was funny as a prank, but whoever installed should be held responsible since the area is protected and it is illegal to install such structures.

5. Elon Musk naming his baby a robot name

One of the most bizarre events in 2020 was Elon Musk naming his child a robot name: X Æ A-12 Musk. It is very difficult to pronounce or to write. We just keep wondering how easy it will be for this kid to input his name when they will try to connect to his mail address.

6. People booked tickets to flights to nowhere

In any other year, this would sound so twisted and wrong, but in the circumstances of the pandemic, it does not sound so strange. Because many people could not travel because of the pandemic, an airline allowed passengers to buy tickets to nowhere. They would simply board and fly for a period of time, just to experience again being up in the air. In any other year we would be baffled, but since it is 2020 we will let it pass.

7. The reverse waterfall in Australia

The year 2020 has been packed with strange phenomenon, but one of the natural phenomenon which amazed people is the reverse waterfall in Australia. Due to strong winds of over 70km/h several waterfalls in Royal National Park near Sydney appeared to flow backwards. Check the footage below:

8. Water found on Moon surface, one of the most bizarre events in 2020

This should have been a very amazing news, however in the middle of 2020, it felt like a cute new story. The scientists found tiny droplets of water on the Sun lit surface of the Moon, in tiny molecules of soil. What is actually very bizarre is that the scientists did not study the Moon’s surface enough in the last 50 years.

9. Minks killed to stop spreading Covid19 rise from the graves

Wait, what?! Norway announced a few weeks ago that an evolved root of Coronavirus has been found in Minks and that more than 10 million minks will be sacrificed to stop the virus. This news brought terror and rage in people all over the world, even if the minks have been raised for their fur alone. However, a few days ago, news spread about dead minks raising from their graves. This could be just a scientifically explained of how bodies decay in time, but it could not stop us thinking of zombie minks.


These bizarre events in 2020 seem like a light training, because we feel like this is just the beginning of the series.
We only hope that we will all be safe to witness all these strange events. If you would like check more strange phenomenon check our other articles.