Blog Post Ideas for Beginners

Blog Post Ideas for Beginners, or what to write when you start writing your first ever blog post? The idea of a personal blog is cool and exciting, but the idea of the your very first blog post can be overwhelming. What to write? To create an introductory post? Ger right to the subject? I would say that creating an introduction will make the blog look professional, but also personal. Well, for each blog is important to create an opening, like an inauguration post. And there are many things you could write about. I would like to share with you 50 blog post ideas for beginners.

When you start a blog, you being by choosing a domain, a hosting company and setting up the framework. You can view the extended tutorial of how to start a blog for beginners here. I wrote about creating the website, installing WordPress, setting up the necessary plugins and making security settings.

50 Blog Post Ideas for Beginners

  1. Write a heartfelt blog post about you and what life events led you up to this point.
  2. Talk about all the reasons why you decided to write a blog.
  3. Make a short introduction and tell the world what it can expect from you and your blog.
  4. Share your expectations for the blog.
  5. Create a short self-portrait and share 5 books or movies that inspired you.
  6. Write a to-do list for the upcoming month and stick to it. People will know what to expect next and you will build trust because you stick to the list.
  7. Talk about a funny story from your life. Reach the audience by making it laugh.
  8. Write about 5 countries you want to visit and why.
  9. If you are too shy to talk about yourself, make a list with 5 bloggers that inspire you. People will know who your role-models are and how you aspire to become.
  10. Make a list with questions for the audience. Ask them what they would want to see more on your blog. Encourage them to answer.
  11. Talk about your day. Be casual and talk as if you are in front of a friend.
  12. Write about 10 things about you that are unusual and very unique.
  13. Make a list with 5 big topics that will be found on your blog.
  14. Share your current passions and obsessions: TV Shows, Movies, Songs, Actors, Actress, etc.
  15. Make videos or take pictures and share with the audience how you spend a whole day.
  16. Talk about the people in your life that helped and inspired you all the time: friends or family members.
  17. Write about mistakes that shaped your life and helped you become who you are now.
  18. Start a 30-days-challenge.  Keep the audience updated with the progress.
  19. Talk about the thinks you would say to your younger self.
  20. Write a letter to your future self.
  21. Share a list will all the things you would like to achieve in 5-10 years.
  22. Write lists will the things you love and hate the most.
  23. Talk about topics you will never include in your blog.
  24. Gratitude diary – talk about things that make you feel grateful.
  25. A fact about you that nobody knows.
  26. Write about the things that inspire you to do more.
  27. Talk about your daily routine and how it shapes your day.
  28. Write down all the things you dislike about yourself and think about ways to change them.
  29. Interview your close friends and ask them to write impressions about you.
  30. Create a give-away contest. Ask the audience to comment and share something from your blog, and you will reward them in some way.
  31. Talk about your dream job.
  32. Share your favorite motto or quotes.
  33. If you could travel in time, where and when would you like to go and why?
  34. Which are the items you could never live without?
  35. If you could sit down and talk with someone, anyone dead or alive, who would you chose?
  36. Describe how would look like the best day of your life.
  37. Create a poll or a survey about anything you want.
  38. Write a review about a book or movie you love.
  39. Write an inspirational or motivational post.
  40. Describe the problems you will be solving on your blog.
  41. Are holidays around the corner? Write a nice post about gifts and holiday spirit.
  42. Invite the readers to follow your favorite writers, bloggers or celebrities.
  43. Share your favorite activities during your free time.
  44. Study the questions of the readers on other similar blogs. Find repetitive questions and answer them on your blog.
  45. Talk about the most common mistakes on your niche.
  46. Make a list will the trending topics of the moment and share your opinions.
  47. Talk about your future travel plans.
  48. Tell a secret about you.
  49. Try something and then blog about it.
  50. Encourage your readers to share your blog and interact with you by commenting.

Once you start a blog and write your first blog, everything is a lot easier. At least, that is what people say. However, nobody mentions that you need to work a lot to create an outstanding blog. Many blogs start and fail, all the time. However, if you learn which are the most common mistakes of blogging, your road will be less bumpy.

Thank you for reading and I wish you happy blogging!