Bug crawling on Mars - Twist of Creation

Could there be Bug crawling on Mars surface?

On 24th February, 2021, NASA published a set of images from the landing site of the Rover Perseverance with a bug crawling on Mars in one of them. These images did not differ with much from the images taken by the Curiosity Rover. However, one image of the rover in particular sparked some attention. The image published by NASA/JPL shows a small round object which appears to have left a trail or some tiny footsteps behind it.

We are not sure if this is a possible sign that bugs live under the surface or Mars, or if it is just a tiny pebble. Because the rest of the sand next to the pebble is untouched, it appears that this bug moved away from the Rover and left some signs behind it. Also, the trail does not appear on the entire area covered by sand. This could indicate that the bug simply surfaced and moved away.

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