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  • How to start a blog for beginners

    How to Start a BLOG for Beginners – WordPress

    How to start a blog for Beginners This is a tutorial on how to start a blog for beginners and I am writing from expertise as an Analyst programmer. I’ve been working with blogs, WordPress themes, and set-ups for more than 7 years. This article is using affiliate marketing links and we only recommend brands we trust and use.  This article is not a three steps blog set up, but a detailed and comprehensive blogging tutorial on how to start a blog for beginners. We go into detail on every aspect so you create a blog from scratch and succeed. We use all the expertise we have in programming domain…

  • 50+ Most Common blogging mistakes

    50+ Worse and Most Common Blogging Mistakes

    50+ Most common blogging mistakes that everyone is doing Since the first day, I did many errors listed in this 50 most common blogging mistakes and I am happy I did because I learned a lot. In all these years I met lots of obstacles and drawbacks and I will make a list of all these common blogging mistakes. I hope it will help you make better decisions when you begin writing. What I like about blogging is that it’s both easy and difficult, but despite all that it gives a certain feeling of empowerment and liberty. At least, this is how I see it. Starting a blog is not…

  • First Blog Post - Sailing Ship by Twist of Creation

    My FIRST blog POST on a brand New Blog

    My first blog post, but not my first blog Hi, strangers/future friends and welcome to my first blog post! I’m Cris and I’m a terrible blogger, but I will become one of the best bloggers ever. According to Internet Live Stats, almost 4 billion people access the Internet all over the globe, and that’s more than half the world’s population! Wow! Using this BIG information we can easily conclude that in no time, almost everyone will access the Internet. Many industries and businesses will happen on the Internet more than anywhere else. This means everyone could write about anything because there are 99% chances someone else will need that information.…