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Self-improvement articles about confidence, passion, motivation, negative and positive thinking. Read about techniques that will change your life and the life of those around you.

Therefore, these self-improvement articles are meant to help you overcome your problems. Hence, to find solutions for a better life you must change the way you think and feel. So, rewire your mind to see the best in the world and in you.

Calming Tea - Herbal Tea Remedies, Tea for anxiety and depression

Herbal Tea for Anxiety and Depression

For centuries, people used various types of tea to heal themselves. It's common to find tea for anxiety, depression, stress or nervousness. However, people focus only on chamomile and tea…
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why negative thoughts come in mind

Why Negative Thoughts come in Mind?

Why negative thoughts come in mind? The reasons are numerous and various. But sometimes, when you can't just get these toxic thoughts from your head, you should seek help. There…
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Mind Body Connection Exercise

Mind-Body Connection Exercise to reconnect What does is it mean to have a strong mind body connection? What's like to be feeling disconnected? What is a good mind-body connection exercise?…
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From failure to success

Why Failure is Success in Progress?

From failure to success is one small step Albert Einstein used to say that "Failure is Success in Progress". But how can that paradoxical quote be true? There is a…
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