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4th December, last Friday, the world was announced that the China’s Artificial Sun was successfully activated. This ambitious project is trying to create a sustainable and a cleaner form of nuclear energy. The media reported that the China’s Atomic Energy Authority turned on the HL-2M Tokamak reactor on 4th December. This type of reactor is destined to create safer and cleaner energy that will substitute all fuels and polluting reactors.

Among other purposes the scientists hope that this solution will help improve the national economy and energy of China. While China is one of the biggest states on planet, its needs for energy increase exponentially.

What is the technology between the China’s Artificial Sun?

The reactor is something straight out of a SF movie. Powerful magnetic fields are applied to a very hot plasma loop. The plasma reached temperature of more than 150 million C, which makes it hotter than the actual Sun. Scientists came up with a great solution for cooling and containing this plasma using magnets and super cooling technology.

China collaborated with the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) project to come up with this incredible solution to generate safe and efficient energy. While the ordinary nuclear power plants are using a fission technology based on splitting the atoms in smaller parts, the China’s Artificial Sun is creating energy by fusing the atoms together. Because the fission is creating a lot of nuclear waster, scientists around the world tried for decades to come up with a cleaner solution.

China's Artificial Sun - Reactor - TwistofCreation
China’s Artificial Sun – Reactor – TwistofCreation Source: VCG/VCG via Getty Images

We can only applaud this initiative and incredible technology implementation. Now, (ITER) International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor is working on creating a similar Artificial Sun in France.

A more twisted look into the future

If we were to gaze into the future, maybe we can see this technology successfully implemented on Europa, the icy satellite of Saturn. If such a reactor could be used to melt the ice surface maybe we could find something totally amazing there, even a new home, if the Earth becomes inhabitable. And since this technology is only new, we also wonder what are its implications on long term. If a nuclear power plant is creating energy like the sun by breaking down atoms, what if fussing them together is creating a black hole. Maybe this new technology will through a light on this matter, at least at the beginning….. 🙂

Twisted Sun - Black Hole Opposite - Twist of Creation
Twisted Sun – Black Hole Opposite – Twist of Creation