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50+ Most Common blogging mistakes

50+ Worse and Most Common Blogging Mistakes

50+ Most common blogging mistakes that everyone is doing

Since the first day, I did many errors listed in this 50 most common blogging mistakes and I am happy I did because I learned a lot. In all these years I met lots of obstacles and drawbacks and I will make a list of all these common blogging mistakes. I hope it will help you make better decisions when you begin writing.

What I like about blogging is that it’s both easy and difficult, but despite all that it gives a certain feeling of empowerment and liberty. At least, this is how I see it.

Starting a blog is not that difficult and you can do it too by following the steps from my tutorial article on how to start a blog for beginners. Well, you bought a domain on Bluehost, set up your website, opened your blog and you start writing your first blog post, now what? Now it’s time to read about the 50+ most common blogging mistakes so you don’t do it.

Common blogging mistakes

Common blogging mistakes – Pin this for later!


Table of contents

  1. Not posting on a regular basis
  2. Expecting to go big from start / Having high expectations
  3. Not writing in a clean and natural style
  4. Keeping it too short
  5. The blog posts are too long
  6. You don’t plan your blog posts
  7. You don’t put yourself in your reader’s shoes
  8. Not being specific enough
  9. Not formatting your blog posts enough
  10. You don’t back up your writing with real evidence
  11. Your content is copied and brings nothing new to the table
  12. You don’t think posts should be updated regularly
  13. You don’t review your posts after writing them
  14. Trying to make the post perfect
  15. You don’t make enough research when writing your blog post
  16. You’re more focused on SEO than content
  17. You don’t add original pictures or pictures at all
  18. Writing too complex
  19. Your content is not useful
  20. You feel pressured to post daily
  21. You stuff words in just to reach the word count
  22. Your subjects are too vast
  23. You don’t write intros or conclusions of your posts
  24. You don’t invest in your blog’s performance
  25. Not giving readers what they want (based on analytics)
  26. Your CTA (click to action) elements are misleading
  27. Answering your comments is important
  28. Not choosing real and good titles and headlines
  29. Content optimization (images) could improve
  30. Your niche is a dead end
  31. Lacking patience
  32. Not proof-reading your blog posts
  33. Not engaging readers in the process of finding a solution
  34. Writing only about you and your company
  35. Promoting the blog is a priority
  36. Not joining a blog community
  37. Seeing other bloggers as only competitors and not as allies
  38. Not offering help and advises
  39. Not creating useful backlinks
  40. Adding value to the subject
  41. Not using blogging available tools
  42. Changing the design too much
  43. Not changing at all your blog
  44. Creating collaborations with other bloggers is essential
  45. Not monetizing your blog
  46. Being self-indulgent
  47. Posting too much and spamming readers or followers
  48. The affiliate marketing is a gold mine
  49. Not having a responsive website
  50. Engaging in blogging schemes and bad behavior

1. Not posting on a regular basis

Posting on a regular basis - Most common blogging mistakes

Posting on a regular basis –

This is actually also one of the blogging rules. If you want the people to keep reading you, you need to keep offering them something to come back for. This also applies to the vlogosphere. I also sensed this on Youtube channel. People will notice if you don’t publish new content and start wondering if you abandoned your channel.

Advice: You should publish new content on a weekly basis or at least 2 times per month. These updates will keep your readers close. If you can’t publish for a longer period you should announce your followers in advance so they know what to expect.

If you follow influencers on social media channels, you will notice they post new stuff weekly or daily. They let their followers know that they’re still there and running.

2. Expecting to go big from start / Having high expectations

Growing Plants -

Growing takes time –

One of the most common blogging mistakes is to believe that once you start blogging the people will come flying to you. Wrong! Don’t get discouraged.

It takes time to build an audience and grow your blog.

Advice: Keep blogging and do your best. In the beginning, focus on the content and not on the traffic. Remember that everything needs time to grow, even you as a blogger. Remember you’re a beginner and it’s ok to have a low traffic. Good things take time.

3. Not writing in a clean and natural style

People tend to use a fancy writing style just to make it look smart and interesting, but people are more attracted to a natural style. Writing like you speak will make the readers feel close. They don’t need academic words.

Advice: Ask your family and friends how they feel about your writing style. They might give you essential feedback. Remember to always have in mind the kind of people you target: teenagers, moms, vegans, etc. For each type, it’s required a different way of speaking. Here is an example of how to improve your writing style.

4. Keeping it too short

People look for valuable info over the internet and if you don’t provide enough content they might leave in search for more.  I did this common blogging mistake many times while writing about my drawings and paintings. I found out that people wanted to know how I did them and the entire process, but I was only posting the basic info.

Advice: Be sure to research your subject and cover all the aspects when writing your blog post. You need to satisfy the hunger of knowledge of your audience.

5. The blog posts are too long

On the other extreme is the long post. Nowadays nobody has time to read extremely long posts when looking for info. Usually, people will scan a blog post in the search for their answer and after finding it will leave. Remember that time is precious.

Advice: Be careful not to write posts as long as books and if your post is long trying to break it into sections with anchors will be good. This link will help you create links within a page.

6. You don’t plan your blog posts

Planning posts - Most common blogging mistakes

Planning posts – Most common blogging mistakes

It’s important to plan your blogs for the next couple of weeks or months. I used to come up with the subjects on the go. I wanted to write something and simply did it and post it. But when you don’t plan your posts you don’t give yourself time to think them trough.

Advice: I recommend to write a list of 5-10 post subjects and take your time and think about each one of them. You will notice you get more good ideas when you take breaks between your writing sessions. Keeping a notebook with all the details and ideas will help you feel more organized.


  •  Post Planner – Post planner is a complex tool for planning, scheduling and publishing your content. This is also enhancing the published content for all your social media channels. You will also get a very detailed statistic report based on all your posts. This tool is around $3 per month, for the basic features.
  • RecurPost –  RecurPost is a great free alternative to Post Planner and offers more features for free. The user interface is easy to use and intuitive.

7. You don’t put yourself in your reader’s shoes

The shoe perspective - - Common Blogging Mistakes

The shoe perspective – – Common Blogging Mistakes

This is one of the most common blogging mistakes that I did a lot! When you write you must understand what are the needs of your audience.

What are they looking for when coming to your blog? Will your content satisfy their need? Can they easily understand your ideas?

Advice: Reading the feedback from the comment section will help you understand your readers. Also asking questions and requesting feedback will make them engaging and active.


8. Not being specific enough

Not going into details about the subjects you tackle is also a big mistake. When you write only about the big picture you might lose to some other bloggers who go into details about the same subject.

9. Not formatting your blog posts enough

A good blog post should be formatted with titles: H1, H2, H3, H4, and paragraphs. They will create visual delimitation and improve the reading of the post. Don’t be afraid to use lists, paragraphs, and images. A great idea is to use graphs and charts to state your point. The visual will be more appealing.

Use the following elements when writing your blogs:

  • headlines and subheadlines – H1, H2, H3, H4
  • split the text into paragraphs
  • readable fonts
  • good font-size and font typeface
  • use lists to enumerate
  • don’t use lengthy sentences
  • images that suit your post
  • simple sidebar
  • tables
  • use infographics
  • use table of contents at the beginning of the post
  • link-based table of contents
  • videos

10. You don’t back up your writing with real evidence

Not adding facts as evidence into your blog post will make your audience doubt your content. For example, if you write about the benefits of tai-chi but you don’t add scientific evidence or proof, you might not sound convincing. Especially if you are not a doctor or an instructor.

Advice: Adding footnotes, links to scientific papers or to internet sources with authority can add value to your posts and reassure your followers that you are trustworthy.

11. Your content is copied and brings nothing new to the table

One of the worse common blogging mistakes is to copy content from another blog. This will definitely bring your blog down and drive your readers away.

Advice: Never copy content from other pages or rewrite what’s already been said. Even in a list of top results, the people will search for new content, and they will not be satisfied with 10 results with same content.

12. You don’t think posts should be updated regularly

The internet is in continuous expansion. If you wrote a hit post and think it will always bring you the traffic you’re wrong. Other bloggers will write more and more,  and your best articles won’t stay in the first positions for a long time.

Advice: A way of keeping it number one is to regularly update your posts. You will notice that great bloggers will always update their old posts in order to keep them on top. For example, if you have a popular post with best WordPress plugins from 2018 in June, but you don’t update it in October, you might lose in front of others who update their list posts.

13. You don’t review your posts after writing them

After creating a blog you should take your time to review it and observe the mistakes, what it lacks, where it should e improved and what parts you could skip because they are not useful.

Advice: You could also ask a friend to read it and tell you their opinion.

14. Trying to make the post perfect

Perfect shot - - Common Blogging Mistakes

Perfect shot – – Common Blogging Mistakes

On the other hand, spending too much time reviewing your posts can be stressing and you will never be able to post it.

Blogging should be 20% posting and 80% marketing your content. You should spend more than double the time to promote your blog posts.

Don’t punish yourself on the blogging road. This activity should be interesting and to bring you happiness.

15. You don’t make enough research

I used to do this many times. I was too cocky and I would only write what I knew (such an ignorant I was). Always research and always improve what you know. This is a way of adding value to your blog.

16. You’re more focused on SEO than content

Many bloggers focus so much on the SEO best practice that they forget that they actually write for people. They stuff keywords and tons of words, but the post is shallow and soon they wonder why it’s not visited.

Advice: Keep a balance between good content and SEO.

17. You don’t add original pictures or pictures at all

A good post will also include pictures and visuals. However, be careful not to add copyrighted or stolen images. This will remove your blog from search results.

Advice: Search for good, related pictures on Royalty free website such as Pixabay or Pexels. But it’s best if you can shot your own high-quality pictures.

18. Writing too complex

Your audience needs technical or scientifically background to understand what you say? If this happens your audience narrows to only a small group of people.

Advice: Keep a balance in your blog and try to make your language easy to read.

19. Your content is not useful

If you know your niche and you know the profile of the reader, you should think about the utility of the content. Try researching subjects that are highly wanted, but are not documented enough.

20. You feel pressured to post daily

There is no need to publish articles each day. People don’t expect daily content from your blog. Also, if you post daily, you don’t have enough time to make good articles. And while the pressure builds up you will start to get negative feelings about blogging.

21. You stuff words in just to reach the word count

Ever since bloggers found out that Google rank you in search results based on how much content you produce, they began stuffing words in their blogs just to meet the requirements. This is another one of those big and common blogging mistakes. But word count is only one of the key elements of a good article. The main one is the content itself.

22. The subjects are too vast

Your blog should focus on 2, maximum 3 main topics that intertwine. For example, you can write about beauty and fashion, or about fitness and health. Don’t make a weird combination, unless you have an interesting concept in mind.

Advice: Stick to 2-3 topics that go hand-in-hand.

23. You don’t write intros or conclusions of your posts

It’s important to have an opening to make a summary of your article and write a paragraph to state the conclusion. Introducing the reader directly into the subject and ending the article without a conclusion doesn’t feel professional. Keep it in mind.

24. Investition in your blog’s performance

If you have great content and you excel in every aspect of writing your blog, your work is still half-way done.  If your reader goes to your website and finds out that it takes ages to load in their browser, you should panic.

Advice: To improve your page speed use caching plugins, services such as  CloudFlare, optimization tools for your Images or talk with your hosting provider to help you improve your page speed. Bluehost offers great service at great price.

25. Not giving readers what they want (based on analytics)

If you have one article talking about fitness equipment and another one about cycling benefits, and if the fitness equipment brings way more traffic than the cycling article, you should focus more on what the audience is reading. In your analytics results, you can see the target of the traffic and you should focus on that.

I used to do this many times. People used to come to one of my blogs for my book recommendation articles, but I kept focusing on oil painting articles. This made me lose all that great organic traffic.

26. Your CTA (click to action) elements are misleading

If you add in your blog just click to actions elements such as “Click here”, but don’t tell where is the button or anchor taking the user to, you make a “nice” mistake. Users should always be aware of what they are clicking or what are they agreeing to.

Advice: Instead of using CTA such as “Click here” add instructions such as “Read more about beauty make-up here”.

27. The comments section is missing you

Not replying to your readers is a big no-no! Keep your followers engaged and informed at all times. They need help and you should provide them with your expertise. But be careful not to fall into the needy situation where you offer too much help and your readers don’t make an actual effort in solving the problems.

For example, they ask something that’s already been solved in a different post, but they don’t search enough. You should direct them to that post instead of answering the same thing again.

28. Not choosing real and good titles and headlines

If you create titles only based on a good punch-line and don’t add good keywords in them, your smart-looking titles won’t be seen or researched by too many people.

Advice: Try creating the title of the blog optimized for search engines and use the punch-line title in the article.

29. Content optimization (images) is missing

Your images should be small enough to make the page load fast, but qualitative enough to look great. If you have big images you could use online tools to optimize them.

Advice: I use TinyJPG to optimize my pictures.

30. Your niche is a dead end

Dead End - - Common Blogging Mistakes

Dead End – – Common Blogging mistakes

When you chose your niche, despite all warning signs that it might not be popular, you are confident you will be able to make it work in the end. However, even after paying attention to all other blogging tips and improvements, you see no improvement in traffic. You should pay attention to this especially if you launched the blog some time ago. Then you should see if perhaps your niche is not as good as you thought it would be.

Advice: You should redirect to a close niche that is more popular or to admit it was a fail, move on and try some other niche. Failing is not something terrible. I failed many times, but I see failing as a way of learning and improving. It’s just a step closer to achieving my goal.

31. Lacking patience

On the other hand, you also need to be patient and understand that it takes time for your blog to earn aperture.

32. Proof-reading your blog posts is not your thing

It’s not a tragedy to have a few grammar errors in your blog (especially if you’re not writing in your native language), but if they are too many, people will feel disgusted and leave your website.

Advice: I recommend online tools such as Grammarly to proof-read your articles. It’s easy to use and you can use a browser extension for instant proof-reading the articles.

33. Not engaging readers in the process of finding a solution

I will tell an example in this case. In making video articles on your channel you can ask your audience for their opinion on the subject, if they have something to say about it, if they agree or not with what you said or if they have better ideas.

Many bloggers engage followers to tell them what they would like to see in the next posts.

34. Writing only about you and your company

It’s your blog and it’s normal to write a lot about your company, products or your projects, but it might come as egoistic to others. That’s why you should also write about people you admire. You can talk about why you admire them or contact them for an interview. If you’re into fitness try approaching local fitness coaches and kindly ask them for an interview. Or you could simply make a list of the people who inspired you.

35. Promoting your blog is missing

Connecting social media - - Common Blogging mistakes

Connecting social media – – Common Blogging mistakes

An important step into bringing traffic is to promote your blog on the social media world. To build authority and attract organic traffic, you need to attract traffic from other sources. Social media is the best source for a starting blog.

Advice: Channels such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, Instagram, and Youtube are useful in promoting your content so use them wisely.

36. Not joining a blog community

A blog community is a place where you will learn a lot from bloggers who failed and succeeded. Taking notes from all those people can save you from a lot of headache and problems.

Advice: Blogging communities exist everywhere but I recommend the groups from Facebook, Google+ and Reddit. It should also be related to your niche. For example, I joined an artist community from Youtube and Reddit and it also helped me learn a lot.

37. Seeing other bloggers as only competitors and not as allies

Common Blogging mistakes

Common Blogging mistakes

You should learn from all the bloggers out there. I used to fret at the idea of connecting with other art bloggers. But when I got to know them I noticed how kind and great people they are. Most of them will kindly help you with anything you need. Some of my most loyal fans are also art bloggers and I am a loyal fan too.

38. Offering help and advises should be a rule

The users come to your blog because they need some kind of help: a product they need, an advice or an important information. You should use all your knowledge and help people as much as you can. They will trust you and come back to you.

39.  Lack of backlinks

The backlinks are useful when you build authority. I recommend you to research more successful blogs in your niche and add heartfelt comments adding a link to your website in the form. Keep in mind that spamming other blogs can harm your blog, so keep a balance. You wouldn’t want them to add you to blacklist or spammer list.

40. Try adding value to the subject

To add value to the subject you need to write what’s never been written. But you can’t just invent things. What you can do is to read specialized books and talk about your experience on the subject. Talking about your results on the paleo diet or a unique twist to the traditional tiramisu recipe are examples of value you can add to the subject.

41. Not using blogging tools

There are many available free tools for blogging and you should test them to see which one suits you the best. For example, using WordPress plugins such as Yoast SEO, Keyword Planner from Google or Google Trends can help you improve SEO, find great keywords or come up with new topics for your blog.

42. Changing the design too much

When you keep changing the design and position of the elements, your sliders, menus, and pages of your blog, you confuse the people and they won’t find easily what they’re looking for.

It’s good to change the design or layout every once in awhile, but if you do it on a monthly basis it will affect your traffic.

43. No changes

Not changing your blog in a few years could make it look old and neglected. It’s important to keep up with the trends of the time, so you should make some adjustments every 4 months or so to make it look fresh.

44. Lack of monetization your blog

Monetizing - - Common Blogging Mistakes

Monetizing – – Common Blogging Mistakes

Investing your time in your blog should bring you satisfaction and interest. Monetizing a popular blog is a good thing. The money you earn could be useful in making adjustments and improve it even more.

Advice: Adsense is a great way of monetizing your blog, but if that doesn’t work remember that there are other sources of monetization that could bring a lot more money.

45. Lack of collaborations with other bloggers

Blog collaboration is a great way of exchanging traffic between two bloggers. You both learn from each other new things and you also get more followers.

I recommend you to approach similar level bloggers from the same niche and propose them to make a nice collaboration. A video in which you follow the other’s make-up tutorial (for beauty bloggers), talk about what is your favorite recipe from the other’s blog and try to reproduce it (for food bloggers), make a workout session together and film it (for fitness bloggers).

There are many great ways to make collaborations with fellow bloggers.

46. Being self-indulgent

Not taking the most common blogging mistakes seriously will never make your blog rank in top results. When you are too self-indulgent you don’t research enough, you don’t put enough effort in writing your articles or in promoting them.

Your mind drive is important in anything you want to do in life, not just blogging.

47. Posting too much and spamming readers or followers

Another big one in the list of common blogging mistakes that I’ve seen bloggers do is to spam their followers. They create too much content, too soon and spam the social media with tons of posts.

I personally find it harassing to see 4+ posts from the same Facebook page in a day so I’ll hit the unfollow button right away.

Advice: If you want to publish more content at the same time, try using the “Schedule your post” functions from social media and your website (if possible). You can add as many posts as you wish and schedule them any time and day you want, in the future.

48. Not using affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is actually another way of monetizing your blog but uses a different concept. You enter in affiliate programmes with various companies and promote their service using your affiliate link.

Promote tools and products that relate to the concept of your blog, otherwise, you will be seen as a scam. Don’t promote yarn or furniture affiliate links if your website is about finance.

49. Not having a responsive website

Have in mind that many users will enter from their mobile devices or tablets. Make use your website is responsive and will load fast for any user out there. I’ve seen this in the most common blogging mistakes list way more than I imagined.

50. Engaging in blogging schemes and bad behavior 

If you want to build a great blog don’t engage in weird schemes. They will negatively affect your work, as the time goes by.

This is my list of 50+ most common blogging mistakes. I did them many times along the way. I found about some of them while researching for this article. There are many more mistakes, so I’ll be updating this article as I come across other common blogging mistakes. 😀

I hope this list of most common blogging mistakes will be helpful and if you have any suggestion please comment in the section below. If there is something I skipped, please let me know and I will add it to the article.
Thank you for reading and have a beautiful day,
Best wishes,
Cristina Vivi

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