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40 prosperity laws that can change your life

Creating wealth - The prosperity law
Creating wealth – The prosperity law

A prosperity law is a simple idea that guides people into creating wealth. Being prosperous or poor depends solely on you and your perspective about money. Using this list of comprehensive prosperity laws every day of your life can help you increase your income.

  1. Your personal financial pattern – Think hard about this prosperity law and open your mind. Your income can increase only as much as you intend to make it grow. If you believe you can’t make more than $1000/month, this will be your reality.
  2. Roots produce fruits – Imagine that you are a tree. If your fruits are not good, you don’t change the fruits, you take actions regarding the roots. If you want to change the fruits, you need to change the roots. The same way, if you want to change what is visible, you need to change the invisible first.
  3. Money is an effect – Money is a result, creating wealth is also a result, being healthy is a result, being sick is a result, your weight is also a result. We live in a world dominated by the principle of the cause and effect.
  4. Think, feel and act accordingly – Our thoughts lead to feelings. These feelings lead to actions and the actions determine the results.
  5. The prosperity law of acknowledgment – When the subconscious mind must choose between deep-rooted emotions and logic, the emotions will always prevail. If your family told you that money is evil, your relationship with money will never improve until you overcome this mind limitation. You must acknowledge the wrong model, to understand its influences over your life and to dissociate it from yourself.
  6. Money’s reason – A lot of people should understand this prosperity law and understand that creating wealth is not something bad. If the motivation for obtaining success or creating wealth has foundations in fear, anger or the desire to prove something, money will never bring happiness.
  7. Change the settings of your money’s thermostat – The only way to permanently change the temperature in the room is by resetting the thermostat. The same way, you can permanently modify your success level by resetting your financial thermostat. If you believe you can only earn $2000/month, you will never receive more.
  8. Filter your thoughts – Acknowledging represents observing your thoughts with the purpose of living according to the present actions and not to past events.
  9. Focus on your purpose – You can choose to think about ways that will encourage you to be more successful and happy, instead of ways that will make you miserable and poor.
  10. Take control of your own life – Prosperous people believe that they create their own life and they create wealth. Poor people believe that life just happens to them.
  11. Money matter – This prosperity law is a mind-opening idea and could be a law of attraction quotes. Money is important in the areas where it works and irrelevant where it doesn’t.
  12. Stop whining – Every time you whine, you become a living magnet for failure.
  13. You can’t be both successful and a victim – There is no person with a victim behavior that is truly prosperous. You can’t beg for attention and be happy at the same time. Attention and love are not the same things.
  14. Have a champion mind – In the money games, the rich act in order to win, while the poor act in order not to lose.
  15. The successful purpose – This prosperity law is important because not many people understand what they should be focusing on. If your purpose is to live comfortably, it’s quite possible for you to never be rich. If your goal is to be prosperous, you will definitely be living comfortably.
  16. Have a strong mindset – Rich people are determined to be rich, while the poor people would like to be rich.
  17. Be specific – The main reason why many people don’t get what they want is that they don’t know it themselves. There is a big difference between “I want to have more money” and “I want to have 1 million dollars”.
  18. Be determined – If you are not 100% driven to make a fortune, you don’t have many chances to make it.
  19. Money managements -
    Money management –

    Think BIG – Rich people think on a large scale, while poor people think on a small scale.

  20. The income law – You will be paid according to the value you bring to the table.
  21. The prosperity law of focus – Rich people will focus on opportunities, while poor people will focus on the obstacles.
  22. Who do you admire? – Rich people admire successful people, while poor people despise prosperous people.
  23. Bless what you want 
  24. Build healthy relationships – Successful people will associate with positive and prosperous people, while unsuccessful people will associate with unsuccessful people.
  25. Promote yourself – Successful people promote their work and their personality, while unsuccessful people have a negative perception of promotion and marketing.
  26. Tackle your problems – Rich people solve their problems, while poor people avoid them.
  27. The secret of success is not to avoid and escape problems but to evolve and grow in order to solve any problem.
  28. Learn to receive – Poor people have difficulty receiving, while rich people receive with ease.
  29. You deserve it – If you believe you deserve to be rich you will be. The opposite is also true.
  30. The principle of giving-receiving – For every person who receives there is one who gives. The opposite is also true.
  31. The prosperity law of choices – Rich people will think “one AND another”, while the poor people will think “one OR another”.
  32. Manage your money – Rich people know how to manage their money, while poor people don’t.
  33. The prosperity law of the power – Control your money or it will control you.
  34. Money work – Prosperous people make their money work hard for them and the poor people work hard for their money.
  35. The seed concept – Rich people see in every dollar a seed that can bring them $100. And in every $100 a seed that can bring them $1000.
  36. The prosperity law of fear – Successful people act in spite of their fear, while unsuccessful people let the fear control and stop them.
  37. Do what is right – If you are willing to do only what is easy, life will be difficult. But if you are willing to do what is difficult, life will be easy.
  38. Step out of your comfort zone – The only moment you develop yourself is when you are not in your comfort zone.
  39. Never stop learning – Rich people learn and want to self-develop all the time. Poor people think they know everything.
  40. “Every master was once a disaster” T. Harv Eker

Conclusions about the prosperity law of creating wealth

Creating wealth is the main subject of our society and each prosperity law from this list will surely help you be even for a little better. I love to read books about creating wealth and about the laws of attraction. I know that these laws work because I tried them myself. The inspiration for this article came from a book I am reading. You can read my review on Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker.

Never stop, never give up.