Cylindrical UFO in Italy 1979 - Twist of Creation

The incredible cylindrical UFO was photographed in 1979 by a military pilot. The military pilot named Giancarlo Cecconi was returning to the base from Treviso, Italy in his G-19R fighter plane. Suddenly he spotted on the plane’s radar something he will never forget.

Military pilot in Italy - TwistofCreation
Military pilot in Italy – TwistofCreation

The radar showed him that an unidentified object is approaching his military craft. Giancarlo approached the weird object at about 70-80 meters, flying with a speed of 450 – 500 km/h (300 knots).

The pilot followed the object at the height of 7 000 ft, but when he got close to it, the cylindrical UFO went up and down at around 10 000 ft. Giancarlo Cecconi described the object as having a diameter of 3 meters and a lenght of around 8 meteres (26 feet). The surface of the object was matte black and on one side it appeared to have a transparent  dome.



Cylindrical UFO in Italy - Twist of Creation
Cylindrical UFO in Italy – Twist of Creation

We start to hear about a lot of stories of these weird cylindrical UFOs. Could they be alien spaceships oberving us from above, underwater civilisations living in our Oceans and flying around or some kind of drones of some far distant alien beings? What do you think?
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