How to write first Blog Post – Steps to create and set up a blog

To be a blogger sounds amazing, but first, you need to learn how to write first blog post.

Picture source: Screen shot from InternetLiveStats
Picture source: Screenshot from InternetLiveStats

According to Internet Live Stats, almost 4 billion people access the Internet all over the globe, and that’s more than half the world’s population! Wow! Using this BIG information we can easily conclude that in no time, almost everyone will access the Internet. Many industries and businesses will happen on the Internet more than anywhere else. This means everyone could write about anything because there are 99% chances someone else will need that information.

If you want to open a blog, don’t be scared that there are already too many out there. Just do it.

It’s no wonder that more people want to create a blog and hurry with writing their first blog post. I am a part of that group of people and since you’re reading this I’m assuming that you too. The difference is that this is not my first blog. As a matter of fact, I started 3 more blogs before. Because I wasn’t paying enough attention to the best practices they didn’t grow. I did a lot of mistakes when I wrote the previous blogs. I will describe those stories in details in this post about my worse and most common blogging mistakes and how to avoid them. Being your guide and help on this journey as much as I can be my pleasure.

These weeks I did a lot of research. I was curious what are people writing in their first blog post and I found many ideas and these are the ones I think are very good for me and you.

Creating and opening your blog

Before learning how to write first blog post, I assume you have a domain name, hosting and the blog set up. Here are some pieces of advice on what to use to open the blog.

  1. Domain name and hosting
    I recommend buying a domain and hosting from Bluehost because it’s one of the cheapest and more reliable hosting companies.
    You can also use one of the free blogging platforms: Blogger, Medium, (blogging platform), Tumblr or more. My recommendation is to have your own host and domain name because when you use one of these platforms they can deny your access to the blog if something happens. Also, from my experience, you have more control over your SEO, content, and design of your website, when you use your own hosting space.
    Using the following tool you can check the availability of your chosen domain name.

    You should take your time and come up with a unique domain name. It should stand out and relate to the subject of your blog. Also, it’s recommended to keep it as short as possible and try to use maximum 3 words in your domain name.

  2. Framework/blogging platform
    Next step is to choose the framework. I recommend using WordPress framework. This is what I am using and it’s easy to set up and use. Bluehost lets you install WordPress with one click. You can find the instructions here.
  3. Themes
    You can find many free WordPress themes for your blog on Google. I went through many themes before settling on this one.

You should make lots of research before opening the blog. Never be afraid of learning something new. For a more detailed article about how to start a blog for beginners check out my article.

8 ideas about what to write and how to write first blog post

  • Write about yourself and what you plan on writing about in your brand new blog – This way people get to know you and know what to expect from you and your blogs. (I think I should do this too here 😀 ) They will then decide if they want to stick with your blog and move on to other interests.
  • Pick an important aspect of your blog niche and dissect it using your expertise on the subject – I know that the Internet is big and it feels like there is always someone out there who knows more than you, I think like that all the time. But you must remember that there are always way more people who know less than you do and perhaps they want to hear a different perspective that sounds closer to their soul. Don’t worry if your niche is directed to a small group of people, remember that you’re at the beginning and if it’s not working you can always change the direction.
  • Introduce yourself and write your post plan for the next week or months – This is a great way to establish a plan of attack and have clear ideas about what you want to do in the next period. The idea is good especially if you are the procrastinating type. These words you write in your first blog post will stand as testimony and vow that you will write each week as you promised. You could also publish a table or calendar with estimated dates of the next posts if you are confident. But you must stick with the plan otherwise your readers will be disappointed and you will lose them.
  • Write about your interests, your favorite things, movies, music, traveling places (I saw people reading blogs only because their lists of favs had similar tastes because people love the connection feeling and to know that someone else understands them). Opening up about yourself can help you make new friends and connect with people on a higher level. These days, the Internet makes the relationships grow colder and distant, so showing human emotions and speaking in a friendly manner can get the people closer and make them feel more at ease.
  • Pick 5 or 10 people you admire and introduce them to your audience – I’m sure you have a bunch of people or stars you admire on the internet or in real life. A successful first blog post could be about them, about their success and failure. Write about why you like them and how they inspire you. This is especially useful if you don’t want to write about yourself right from the beginning. I too have a list like this and you can read my post about great people who inspired me along the time.
  • Research the trending topics, pick one of them and start writing – a very common practice is to write about one of the most popular topics: money, technology, fitness, sport, beauty, health, food, lifestyle and self-improvement. If any of these niches winks at you start researching and blogging right away. My greatest passion is art, but I also love to talk about self-improvement, health, and lifestyle. So my topics will gravitate around these topics. It’s ok to pick more than one topic if they have a common ground.
  • Write about a funny moment in your life – a great way to start a friendship or collaboration is by telling a nice funny joke or a silly story from your life. This will help you feel more at ease about your blog. The people who read your first blog will feel entertained and see a friendly connection. The easiest and fastest way to someone’s soul is through laughter. I also know a great artist who is always adding funny little jokes in his posts or videos. I will talk about this artist more in one of my future posts. People enjoy his lessons because jokes make the learning process enjoyable.

Having this little list in mind, I think you can find a subject to talk about on your first blog. I know it’s overwhelming when you have so many ideas in your head and don’t know which one to grab and put into words.

Technical advises regarding formatting, writing and SEO tips for how to write first blog post

After picking the topic of your blog post, you should have in mind some technical aspects that will help your article appear higher in the google search results. The higher it will rank, the more people will reach it. I know this is a vast subject and one blog is not enough to talk about every aspect of it. However, I will briefly describe some of the most important tips.

  1. Keywords – Research the keywords you will use in your blog post and focus on them when writing the article. I use the Google Keyword Planner to help me pick research keywords.
  2. Clean and easy to read a text– add lists, subtitles and break bigger paragraphs so your readers don’t strain their eyes reading the blog.
  3. An image is worth a thousand words – adding a few related images to the post is always welcomed.
  4. Research your competitors – Always check what your competitors do to rank better in search engines and try to improve your article.
  5. Add external links if needed – adding links to other trustworthy websites you recommend and that are related to your topics can weight a great deal. (For example the official website of a brand product you recommend in your first makeup tutorial)
  6. Write your best article – put as much effort and soul into your first article as you can. Remember that what is most important is to write for the people and not for the search engine.


I want to mention the topics that I will tackle this precious blog. Most of my blog posts will be about

  • art (everything about art and creation)
  • self-improvement
  • mental health
  • health in general
  • lifestyle

I want to help people solve emotional and mental problems. I tackled these problems a long time ago and I know that it can be hard, sometimes.

Feel free to share your opinions on this matter and what is the subject you pick for your first blog. Hopefully, this article will be helpful and I answered one or two of your questions.
I am happy to get to know you and see you soon!

Hugs and best wishes,