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The Reddit user, Philty Phil posted on October 27, 2021, an eerie video of a ghost on CCTV camera on the ship he was working at that time. The ship was passing near Somali Coast Line and the CCTV was surveilling a room where no passenger was allowed to enter at that time. Also, all the lights in the room were shut down. However, as you play the video you can clearly notice a small orb in the left bottom area of the screen and then a human figure appears out of nowhere. It appears to be a male ghost with their back turned on the camera. It stands there for a few seconds before it vanished in thin air.

Ghost on CCTV - boat - TwistofCreation
Ghost on CCTV – boat – TwistofCreation

Some users of the platform replied that maybe the camera is not as performant and due to poor light condition a man walking in front of the camera would appear to be appearing and disappearing. However, the owner of the clip with the ghost on CCTV clearly stated that nobody was allowed on deck due to safety reasons. You can watch the video by accessing the next link on the Reddit platform:

Ghost video 

What do you think about this video? Could the video show a real ghost or is some illusion caused by a camera filming in bad conditions? Let us know by sending us an email at twistofcreation (at) gmail (dot) com.

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