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We all believe we almost figure out how this world works and all the rules which make the Universe move. However, from time to time we are destined to witness some evets that are similar to what the conspirationsts would call a Glitch in the Matrix. The first event in the Glitch in the Matrix Stories series is the multitude of footages featuring birds stuck in air. Some of these videos have quite simple explanations, but some of the are straight out of science-fiction movies. Let’s check out these crazy and twisted series of Birds stuck in midair events.

1. Bird stuck in air trying to fly away

In 2007 a man filmed a bird flying midair, but apparently not moving at all. We are not sure if the bird was stuck in some invisible wires or simply stuck in the air, but we can see it struggle to move forwards. We cannot stop thinking if it’s some malfunction of the bird’s wings or a glitch in the matrix keeping the birds from moving forward, like in a video game.

2. Another Bird got stuck in air

Another footage shows a bird stuck in air, next to a light pole. The position of the next to the pole it’s clearly helping the viewer to see that the bird is not flying forward. However, this scenario could also be fabricated to clearly make into a more credible video. We will never know if this is an authentic video or some hoax. Check the video and decide for yourself:

3. Seagull stuck in midair due to strong winds

The following video is clearly showing the bird struggling to fight the strong winds, while you can hear the winds blowing in the mic of the camera. The bird is giving its best to move forward, but it’s stuck in same place. We can agree that this poor bird is not caught in a glitch in the matrix.

4. Bird unable to move in air

The following bird doesn’t even seem to try to fly at all. It is simply stuck in the air, unable to fly or move. While we cannot see any wires in the video, we assume it is caught in some electrical wire, by the way its body swings in the wind. Check for yourself:

5. Bird stuck flying in air while other birds fly around

The following video shows a bird flying in the air and then it is stuck while struggling to move forwards. The other birds fly around unaffected. Our opinion is that the bird was hit in the face by a wind current. After the bird changed its direction, it could move again.

We are not sure if these videos reflect a glitch in the Matrix, a bird caught in electrical wire or some birds facing a wind current, but we would like to believe that this world is more than we can see and feel. For more twisted events and facts, check out articles on TwistofCreation website.