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Why it seems that some people are happier than the rest? What are the habits of happy people? What makes them happy? And, no, it is not money, a house, or some fancy clothes. Actually the answer is simple and the solution has been at your grasp this whole time. You need to change your habits and you will change your life. However, since these are habits, do not expect them to change by night. Allow yourself to accept and embrace these new things. Take everything in with kindness and peace. If you want to be happy, but don’t change your habits your life will always be just ok.

Here is what happy people do and do not do to make their life better:

50 Habits of Happy People

1. Smile more

Do you think that something so trivial can make you happier? Well, it does. You know the funny quote: “Fake it ’till you make it!”. If you smile more, you trick your brain into believing that life is getting better. It will overcome a difficult situation easier.

2. Stay in the present

When you are at a concert, enjoy the music. If you are in school, pay attention to the class. When you go out with your friends, talk to them and have fun. The habit of staying in the present and living the moment can help you be happier, more than you know. If you go out with your friends, but you keep thinking of what happened at work 2 days ago, or you scroll the social media on your phone, you will miss the moment. This is one of the most important in the list of habits of happy people. And it’s not something difficult to do.

3. Don’t try to control everything

We tend to control everything and we wish that things happen only the way we want. But the universe is challenging you sometimes, to test you and see your potential. Accepting that things are not always like we want to is sometimes a blessing in disguise. So do not frown if it’s raining when you want to go to the park. Change the plan and go for a movie. Try not to be so upset if you failed an exam. It is a sign you didn’t prepare enough. Simply be confident that you will study more and next time you will ace it.

4. Meditate more

Meditation is not just something that the yoga practicians do. Meditation is a form of therapy. You can meditate while you run, swim or simply by staying still. It is a form of letting go of all your thoughts and worries. Empty your head of all the daily stress and anxiety, and focus on the body and its sensations. You can also use guided audios to help you.

5. Be more generous

To be generous doesn’t necessarily mean to buy expensive gifts for your dear ones. You should think of the things they really need. Pay attention to them when they say their shoe broke, their chair creaks or their favorite roses from their garden are withering. Find solutions where they can’t. Offer to help them with the shoes, the chair or research solutions for their roses. They will appreciate your concern and it will make them happy. And seeing them happy will make you happy too.

6. Offer your time

Being busy is almost a sport these days, and time is the most expensive exchange value. However, offering this precious gift to your dear ones will bring so much happiness. This is the best of the habits of happy people. They spend quality time with their family and friends, and everyone is happy.

7. Don’t hold grudges

Nothing makes you sadder and angrier than holding a grudge. When you focus on negative thinking you block any happy thought. And you also train your mind in creating more gloomy ideas. And your mind keeps creating tiny negative monsters that will always be there in your head.

8. Drink more tea

Tea is very good for your wellbeing, especially if you know what kind of tea to drink. There are a few recipes that will make you feel better and happy. On this article about herbal tea for anxiety, you will find some tea recipes that will make you feel good, for sure.

9. Don’t run through the day

During a regular day, you tend to wake up, prepare for work, go to work, work, go around town, maybe go to the gym, to the market, to some event, come home, do something around the house and sleep. Many people get to some point in life and wonder where all the time went. But what really happened it this. They rushed every day and every moment, without taking a breath. Time goes fast and if you don’t slow down the pace, you miss everything while you were running. It sounds a bit like a paradox, but try to take a few moments to slow down between these activities. Take all in and then move on to the next task.

10. Surround with people who lift you up

Your friends, family members, and coworkers should be people who support you, care about you and understand you. Being around toxic people who lower your self-esteem, make you feel bad and unworthy. The habits of happy people include filtering friends and keeping the ones that really love you.

11. You are happy for your friends’ success

Not everyone can be 100% happy for someone else’s success. Even if you wish to, you still keep to yourself a little bit of envy or jealousy. However, these feelings can make you feel unhappy and destroy your relationships. When you have these ideas, remember your friends’ effort and try to be happy for them. After all, you wish them the best and having around someone successful, makes you more ambitious and hard-working. You have a model and someone who can advise you.

12. You are not bothered with the small stuff

The habits of happy people don’t include being angry over traffic, over a spilled coffee, or over bad rain. These situations are inconvenient, but not something that should change your mood.

13. Be respectful with everyone

When you are treating everyone with respect and kindness, these good things come back to you. When you hold the door for a person or wish them a happy day, you make them feel good and see good in you, and you feel better too. It’s a happy spiral that keeps creating itself.

14. Always have a positive outcome in mind

If you are taking an examen or expecting an answer or a letter in your mailbox, always think about the positive answer. It doesn’t matter if the actual answer is not to your liking. Keep believing it! The universe has something better for you, so being positive about it will bring it closer to you.

15. Get enough sleep

You get very moody after having slept only a couple of hours. To feel better, you need to prioritize your sleep. It will boost your mood, vitality, and energy. On top of the list of habits of happy people, should be sleeping. And if you can’t get enough sleep, consider getting some gadgets and accessories that will help you. They include a weighted blanket, rain audio CDs or soft lights.

16. Work out

People who work out are happier than does who don’t. And all the studies show it. If you want to feel happy, practice a sport or hit the gym. You will feel better after every work-out and in time, those abs will make you very happy.

17. Listen to happy songs

Sad songs will make you feel sad, while happy songs will lift your spirit. Make a conscient choice when you want to listen to music. It could make you gloomy or jolly.

18. Enjoy nature

The connection with nature is essential, and it is a form of meditation. So, when you can, make time to go on the beach, in the mountains or in a forest, nearby. Spend some time listening to the sounds of nature. Reconnecting with nature can be a happy pill.

19. A problem is not the end of the world

Problems appear all the time, but knowing how to perceive them is more relevant than the problem itself. A problem is not an obstacle, but a challenge. And with each problem you become wiser and more experienced.

20. Treat yourself

You are not self-indulgent if you take a break and watch a funny video after two hours of continuously hard-working. It is important to practice self- love and to reward yourself for doing something well. You boost your self-esteem and lower the stress that comes from working hard on a project.

21. Say thank you

It is important to be grateful for everything you have. Actually, making a list, each day, with at least 3 things you’ve been grateful for, can boost your mood. Also, you will get more of the things that made you happy.

22. Dream

Happy people never stop dreaming. No matter what life brings on the table, never stop dreaming. Having a goal, or a purpose is important for a happy life. It makes you more ambitious and optimistic.

22. Never lower your dreams

And while you are dreaming, don’t lower your dreams. The bigger your dreams, the harder will work the universe to fulfill it. So stay open for any opportunity that might cross your path.

23. Spend some you-time

It is important to retreat and spend some time alone. You can read a book, listen to your favorite music, watch a movie or write a journal. It will energize you and you can take a little break from all the socializing activities. Remember that spending alone time while scrolling through social media doesn’t count as alone time. 😉

24. You have no excuses

When you fail, don’t make excuses and don’t blame others for your failure. Accept that you were not prepared and instead of using your brain to create an excuse, analyze why you failed. Make a list with what you should improve and try again. Take responsibility and learn from every mistake you make. Accept it and move on.

25. Look up to successful people

I noticed that the majority of the happiest people I know, talk about the people they look up to. They all admire great people and aspire to be like that. Having this kind of mindset is positive for your life. A role-model is amazing because you can learn from someone who made it.

26. Appreciate experiences and not possessions

The habits of happy people include engaging in spirit-lifting experiences and appreciate new activities more than possessions. If you want to be happy, travel more, meet new people and do something totally new every day. Learn to ride a bike, travel somewhere alone, eat something interesting and new. An object like a piece of clothing or a watch will make you happy in the beginning, but an experience will make you happy a life-time.

27. Eat better

The secret is not to eat more, but to eat healthier. Include in your diet fruits, vegetables, fish and nuts, if you can. Bringing variation in your diet is good for your health, body, and mind. Stop eating fast-food and processed food. It will only sicken your body and make you feel low about yourself.

28. Build a morning ritual

It’s said that how you start your morning is how your entire day will be. So, if you start your day in a bad mood, your day will be awful. Train to wake up earlier than usual. Take a few minutes to think about the tasks of the day, think positive ideas and then, carry on with the breakfast and preparation for the day.

29. Watch positive and inspiring movies

It’s important to surround yourself with positive and inspiring things, books, audios, and movies. When you want to watch a movie, choose a comedy, an inspiring movie or with a positive outlook on life.

30. Focus on your talents and abilities

When you use your best quality or ability, you feel more powerful. Try to find new ways in which you can use your personal talents, each day.

31. Spend less time on social media

Not everything you see on social media is perfect as it looks in real life. Many of the amazing photos in exotic countries or of girls with perfect bodies and makeup are staged. They spend many hours to create a perfect scenario and then edit the photos to look perfect. On social media, you only see a glimpse of reality. And that is why you should spend less time scrolling, and more time engaging in real life.

32. Engage in meaningful conversations

Spend time with the people you have a mental connection with and engage in meaningful conversations. Skip those small talks that go nowhere, and debate interesting topics. You could come up with something totally new and amazing.

33. Make time for your hobbies

Try to reserve at least an hour per week for your hobbies. This is a frequent habit of happy people. If you like to sing, paint, play chess or read, you should always make time for it. Doing what you love will make you happy.

34. Forgive

If someone did something wrong to you, it is important to forgive. Not so much for the person who did you wrong, but for you. It will take the weight from your chest and you will be able to move on. Forgiving is an important aspect of the habits of happy people list.

35. Give your best in everything you do

Happy people always do their best in everything they do. Even if the current job is not their calling, they still work hard. It helps them succeed and it gets them closer to their goals because everything feels like an experience that will take them on top.

36. Be open to opportunities

Opportunities are everywhere, but you must be open to accepting them. It seems that lucky people are happy, but it’s the other way around. People who are happy and open to opportunities are in fact lucky.

Habits of Happy People
Habits of Happy People

37. Help more

Happy people tend to donate more, help more and care more about others. They find happiness in treating other people good and helping others. And it’s not just about money. Happy people love to volunteer and offering their time and skills.

38. Watch less news

News is filled with negative events and it can drag you in a gloomy mood, in an instant. Try to limit your time spent watching the news. Or at least, try to filter the news you are watching.

39. Don’t settle for less than you deserve

Happy people know their worth and go for it. They are not afraid to challenge themselves in making their circumstance better.

40. Stop overthinking

Overthinking can make you feel depressed. Spending a lot of time in your mind ruminating on what happened and what could happen, and all of those “if”-s can drag you down. Let things go, accept them as they are and stop overthinking everything.

41. Don’t compare your success with other’s

You can’t compare episode 3 from your evolution with episode 45 from other person’s. You can only compare your progress from today with yesterday and a year ago. This is the most healthy comparison you can make.

42. Happy people are committed to being happy

I know people that stay sad and miserable because they enjoy getting attention from others. They are pitied by others, and this gives them a sense of importance. If you want to be happy, you have to be committed to being happy. This list of habits of happy people means nothing if you don’t want to be happy or just indulge in sadness.

43. Listen to motivational speeches

These speeches do wonder about your mental state, especially if you listen to them every day. Search for speeches or monologues from celebrities who worked hard for their position and listen to them.

44. Don’t neglect yourself

Most people feel depressed because they neglected themselves for too long. Remember to take care of your body and mind. Go to the spa, do your nails, buy yourself a lovely dress or pair of pants. Do something to make you feel good. Keep stress under control and have fun, whenever you can. This is one of the top reasons why people are unhappy.

45. Get involved in their relationships

Happy people are concerned about the well-being of their significant others, their friends and families. Make time to listen to them and talk about all the problems in your relationships. Don’t just wait for the other to make a move. Stay focused, plan dates and events, call your family and visit them. Staying connected will make you feel better.

46. Read books about happiness

I personally know a lot of books about happiness and how to be happy. They offer you precious pieces of advice on how to overcome negative thinking.

47. Talk to a friend

Whenever you feel down or sad, don’t hesitate to call a friend and tell them how you feel. Venting about your worries and struggles is good for your mental health and talking to a friend is always a good idea.

48. Write lists with to-do-s

Write lists that you can accomplish in one week, month, half-month and a year. Building lists gives you a sense of accomplishment every time you check an item of the list. Don’t worry if you don’t cross everything. Keep the list and try again in the next day, week, or year.

49. De-clutter your desk or office

Removing useless objects and clearing your space is good for your mental health. Throw away any cups, garbage, paper or any objects laying around. Organize your space and it will organize your day.

50. Be happy

Simply be happy. ♥