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How to be Successful in life – Actions of a millionaire mind

Actions of the millionaire mind (page 2)

  • Practice admiration – write a letter or an email to someone you admire or a celebrity you like. You don’t have to know it personally. It doesn’t matter in what domain this person is activating.  Tell them how much you admire them and why. Think about what you learned from that person and how you can implement that lesson in your life.

    Successful thinking - Photo source:
    Successful thinking – Photo source:
  • Read about successful people – Go to a library, a bookstore or search on the Internet the biography of people who became successful through their own power and hard-work. Here are a few examples: John Rockefeller, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Jack Welch. Use their stories to inspire you. They will show you a way of how to be successful in life. Try to understand their mind pattern and what motivated them.
  • Join the elite – if it’s possible, try to meddle with prosperous people from your area. You can join a tennis, golf or other sports club, a health or a business club. If you can’t afford that yet, try to drink your coffee in a luxurious hotel or restaurant in town. Try to get used with that atmosphere and feeling. Observe how the people are and how they behave. They are not so different from you.
  • Spot the negative one – Try to identify a person or a situation that is a major drawback in your life. First, observe if you can do something about this. If not, try to spend less time with that person or in that situation.
  • Filter your entertainment – Stop watching low-quality TV shows and stay away from bad news or gossips.
  • Mark your products – if you are producing something, try to mark the product from 1 to 10. If the mark you give it is below 10, think of ways you can improve it so it’s a 10. Don’t sell something that you don’t believe it.
  • Never stop improving – read books and listen to audios about sales and marketing. Learn about new ways to promote your products. Try to become an expert in these fields. Check this review of “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”.
  • See the bigger problem – Every time you feel like one of your problems is too big to handle, tell yourself: “Little me, little me!”. Take a deep breath and tell yourself: “You can do this! You are more important and bigger than this problem.” You must evolve in such a way that your problems don’t feel bigger than you.
  • Focus on one problem at a time – Write down a problem you are currently facing. Try coming up with at least 10 ways to solve it or make it better. You shift your mind from the problem to its solution. You will feel more in control and in a clear direction towards solving it.
  • Practice receiving – Learn how to be successful by learning to be a great receiver. Every time someone is complimenting you, try saying “Thank you!” instead of returning the compliment. In this way, you will not reflect back the good thought. Also, this will please the person who complimented you.
  • Be happy for every penny – Be happy and grateful for every penny or cent you are receiving. This will create a positive vibration that will bring more money to you. The Universe receives a positive signal and will create situations for more positive situations.
  • Spoil yourself – At least once per month, spoil yourself. Buy yourself something you always wanted, go to the spa or to a message. Do something extraordinary to rewards yourself for all the hard work you are doing. All your hard work must be accompanied by a day when you are rewarded for it.

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