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How to be Successful in life – Actions of a millionaire mind

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  • Reevaluate your work – If until now you’ve been paid for your worked time, make a proposal to your employer. Make a plan that will allow you to be paid based on your contributions and achievements, but also on the companies results. If you own your own company, make a compensatory plan that will allow your employees to be paid according to their achievements and the company’s results. This will make you or your employees give their best and achieve more.
  • Reevaluate yourself – If you have a job that doesn’t pay you based on your merits or values, take into consideration starting your own business. You can work part-time. Also, you can
    How to be successful - Photo Source:
    How to be successful – Photo Source:

    become a network marketing affiliate or become an instructor for others. You can be a consultant, offering valuable information based on your expertise. Asking to be paid based on your achievements will grow your personal value and net value.

  • Practice achieving your goals – When you are confronted with a situation where you have to choose between two results, practice having both. Find solutions that will allow you to get both alternatives (situations or things). Remember that you don’t have to give up on something if you can find a better solution.
  • Understand the money flow – Realize that money have value and give value to everyone. Every time you gain and spend money, you give it more value. Don’t feel bad for having money.
  • You’re not a bad person because you’re rich – Many people associate money with a bad person, but it’s not true. Therefore, erase this idea from your mind. Rich people are kind, generous, loving and you will see that 90% of the rich people participate in charity activities.
  • Focus on the four factors – When deciding to learn how to be successful in life, focus on the four factors: growing your income, your economies, the investment value and focus on decreasing your life cost. Simplify your life having these four elements on your radar.
  • Calculate your net value – Sum up the value of every object you own and reduce the value you own. That is, remember to make this calculation once every three months. You will see the evolution of your net value.
  • Open a money account – Open your personal Financial Independence Money account. It doesn’t have to be an actual bank account. You can set up a jar where you put your money. Each month or week, add to this account 10% of your income. Therefore, don’t spend this money, unless you will invest them to bring you a passive income. Add in this jar your pocket change or $10, $5 or $1. Practice saving money for something greater and for your financial independence.
  • Manage your money well – Open up several other accounts (jars) where you will save: 10% for amusement, 10% for economies, 10% for education, 10% for usual spending and other 10% for donations. Making these mental accounts, you won’t be tempted to spend money on things you don’t need.
  • Target the passive income – Shift your attention from active income to passive income. Think about at least 5 strategies that could help you earn a passive income. Study these ideas and implement the ones that suit you.
  • Confront your fears – Write down on paper three of your fears related to money and wealth. Confront them! Describe what would happen in those situations and what could you do to solve them. Could you survive and find a way out? There are many possibilities that the answer is “Yes!”. Stop worrying and start creating success.
  • Exit your comfort zone – To achieve more you need to do more and step out of your comfort zone. In the comfort zone grow no flowers. Speak to those people you wouldn’t tell a word, ask for a raise, walk around those streets you don’t know well, travel into a foreign country. Train yourself to meet the unknown.


If you want to learn how to be successful you must be ready to find ways to success and rewire your mind. As a result, these actions of a millionaire mind will help you achieve more than ever. More than this, use abundance affirmations every day to help your mind shift to the right track. Stop preparing and start doing!


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