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Clickworker Review

In this century is only normal to make money online. And if you search how to make money online, you will find at least, AT LEAST, 20 easy ways to make money online. I am continuously trying various websites that pay you for the tasks you do for them. I made many types of research and I will start posting articles about how each experience felt for me. Some ways of how to make money online are easier, others are more tedious.

Here I will be talking about a platform I recently joined and I will write a Clickworker review. I adhered a few days ago to Clickwork and completely forgot about it. Today, I received a mail that a new set of jobs and tasks are up and ready. I was amazed that these tasks are easy and they pay you quite well. But let’s begin with the beginning.

The website is neat and easy to use. You are offered all the information you need.

The sign-up procedure

Clickworker Review
Clickworker Review

Follow this link – Sing up page and you will be redirected to the following page:

Clickworker sing up page
Clickworker sing up page

You will be prompted to chose the country of residence from a drop-down list.

Country of residence
Country of residence

Next, a form will be displayed. You will complete your personal details, email address, time-zone, and login details. Once you submit your information, you will receive a mail to confirm your e-mail address. After confirmation, you can log in in your Clickworker account and start making money.


Clickworker Review - How to make money online
Clickworker Review – How to make money online


Clickworker Review – The dashboard

I like the dashboard. There is no clutter in the way it’s designed. Also, I found it easy to reach different areas without getting lost. I’ll assure you that this way of how to make money online will probably become your favorite soon.


Clickworker review - Dashboard
Clickworker review – Dashboard


Clickworker App
Clickworker App

In the Clickworker dashboard you will have:

  • you account details
  • you account balance
  • links to all the jobs, assessments and offers
  • jobs with their details

Today, after receiving the mail about new jobs in Clickworker I made around $4. It doesn’t seem much, but I earned this money in around 20 minutes. You can see in the screenshot what I must do in some of these jobs. Also, if you notice in my print screen, there are many people who work on these jobs, so it’s a reliable system.

The Clickworker tasks

The tasks I picked were simple. I had some jobs about filming myself do some random gestures on the webcam of my laptop. I got $1 for 10 videos of 3 seconds each. So, I got $1 in 30 seconds. I think this is a great way to make money online. After filming the series of 10 videos, I changed the clothes, lighting and the room, so I would be a different decor. I got another $1. As long as you don’t do jobs in similar circumstances, your jobs are good. These videos are used in studying and programming robots and helping them learn artificial intelligence. You should dive into this domain because it will become more and more popular.

I wish I had a pet or two, so I could film it and access the other jobs too.

Besides these jobs, you can also do assessments. For this, you must pass an English test first. I got 94% out of 100%, so the test is very easy. I didn’t do any assessments yet, but I will keep you updated, once I work on them and figure them out. Also, the payment method of this platform is Paypal, so that’s a big plus, in my opinion.

Another great thing about this way of making money online is that it’s also featuring a mobile application. You can get it from App Store or Google Play. As you can see, you can do the tasks directly from your phone. Oh man, these pet tasks look so good!

My opinion

I hope my Clickworker review made you a fair idea of how to make money online. Also, I think it’s easy to use and quite interesting. I will provide more information as soon as I figure out more about this platform. Personally, I think it’s a better way of how to make money online than many others.

If you think it’s worth giving a try, click this link and sing up.


Later EDIT (4 days later)

After a week, I want to show you how much I earned doing some simple tasks. I had to create gesture videos, rating tasks and I also tried a task from my mobile.

This is the current account balance.

Clickworker review - balance
Clickworker review – balance

Also, I want to show you the work history. You can see the tasks I’ve been doing and how much time it took me to do them. I did some of these tasks, in the evening, when I had finished my other tasks. I will edit later and keep you updated about the payment and how it went.

Work history
Work history