Huge Goldfish found in South Carolina - Huge Goldfish 9lbs Twist of Creation

In December 2020, Greenville Rec published on his social account a picture with a huge Goldfish found in South Carolina lake. The beautiful fish weights 9lb and it was found in the Oak Grove Lake during some testing of science team. Ty Houck, one of the directors of the Greenville County parks department, assumed that the big goldfish must have been the pet of someone who could not take care of it anymore and they set them free in the nearby lake.

It is well-known that the goldfish are small and we’ve seen them swimming in balls. However, it is a fact that the fish will never outgrow its environment.
Some people speculated that the size of the swimming fellow could be the terrifying effect of some nearby power plant. The truth is that it is quite the opposite. The lake is clean and there is no sight of pollution nearby. The goldfish strived in this environment because there are no predators. Contrary to some beliefs, if these goldfish were to multiply in the lake it would not affect the environment at all because the species is not intrusive.

Anyone missing their goldfish? This 9lb goldfish was found in Oak Grove Lake during some recent testing at our lakes. The work included electrofishing, a method of measuring the health of the fish population.

Posted by Greenville Rec on Monday, 7 December 2020

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(Image Credit: Greenville County Rec)