Marino Morikawa - Guy cleans lake by himself

Inspiring people are everywhere around us. The thing is they don’t shout out at the news about how great their action was. Marino Morikawa is a superhero. This guy cleans lake by himself.  The Cascajo Wetlands was a beautiful lake during Marino’s childhood. He used to play near the lake and fish in it. The lake held precious memories for him.

However, when he was studying in Japan, he found out from his father that the lake was no longer like in his childhood. Humans contaminated the lake and from its former 150 hectares, it’s been reduced to 40 hectares. Marino flew back home to see this by himself.

Situated 80km from Lima, The Cascajo Wetlands can be found in the province of Huaral, in the Chancay Valley. Marino Morikawa recalls “When you go fishing, there are times when you catch fish and times you do not. So when I got tired of sitting for one or two hours without catching anything, I used to walk through the wetlands and throw stones at birds to watch them fly… Of course, I’d condemn that action now, especially since I am an environmentalist, but I was just a mischievous child.”

How this guy cleans lake by himself?

After 20 years, he returned home to see his childhood lake in the worse situation ever. Many factors led to this environmental catastrophe. There were illegal landfills, a drainage canal, breeding of pigs, an invasive species of water lettuce and wastewater leaking in the lake.

He talked with the authorities of the area and promised that he would save the lake in one year with no cost from their past. Using his expertise in nanotechnology he created an organic method of decontaminating the lake from bacteria and viruses.

Guy cleans lake by himself
Guy cleans lake by himself

The micro-nano bubbling system uses nanobubbles that go to the bottom of the lake and attract viruses and bacteria. The bubbles feature an electromagnetic field of negative and positive ions. They work like a magnet and all the bacteria and viruses are eliminated or trapped until it reaches the surface and the radiation destroys them.

The second technology he used is the biofilter. He created a ceramic biofilter personalized for the Cascajo Wetlands. Its purpose was to protect and filter the good bacteria of the lake from the bad one.

The story of Marino Morikawa, the hero of nature

While the nanotechnology required six months to be fully developed, Marino cleaned the lake in only 4 months. Soon more than 40 migratory birds species returned to the lake and 10 fish species populated the waters. The locals were inspired by his action and hard work and soon came to help him.

The best thing is that he used local resources to build the technology and all his materials were organic. He stated, “Never use an expensive resource in a poor area, while you can use the home material.”

He did this amazing action in 2014, and for 2015 he embarked on a more ambitious project. He promised to clean Lake Titicaca from Peru. However here he encountered more obstacles. Bureaucracy and other interests blocked him from reaching the goal. But he still fought for it and in 15 days he decontaminated 2 km of lake. But this year, his project was finally accepted and in September his team will try to remove at least 3% from the contamination of Lake Titicaca. [Source]

Marino is one of the inspiring people in this world. He is one of the many people who chose to remain anonymous. But precisely the people like him inspire us to do better, to make a change and create a better world. You can see him on his Youtube channel TTT Groupo Morikawa. He is still working hard to clean the big Lake Titicaca. You can also support him on his Facebook page.