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Law of Attraction Quotes or How to create wealth

Law of Attraction Quotes - Photo source:
Law of Attraction Quotes – Photo source:

The law of attraction is the invisible power ruling how things happen. If you are prosperous or poor, it depends on what you choose to think about.

You can change your life for the better, but only when you decide to change your thoughts. I don’t speak about the law of attraction quotes just to have something to say. I tested these words, used them in my life and they changed my life.

Every time I was positive and I wished to create wealth, the law of attraction acted upon my wish. Positive things came my way. Every time I was angry, impatient and nervous, more obstacles and problems I encountered.

You literally create your reality. And I know it’s hard to maintain your mind on the positive track. But writing down these law of attraction quotes and affirmations and reading them every day will help you.

Read the following law of attraction quotes

  1. Love is never delicate, weak or gentle. Love is the positive power of life! Love is the cause of every good or positive reality. Love is not tender, love is the force of nature.
  2. Everything you wish to become, do or have is born out of love. Your wish is more powerful when it comes from love, rather than hate, ambition or revenge.
  3. The positive force of love can change your reality into something better, it can improve everything in your life and it can change any negative situation.
  4. Each day and each moment you are making a decision. You choose whether to love and create wealth or hate and attract a negative situation.
  5. The law of attraction is the law of love and kindness. This is the law that is leading our lives.
  6. You can only receive what you offer. If you offer positivity, kindness, and love, you will receive it ten times back. If you spread negativity, you will receive it back. No doubt!
  7. Life doesn’t just happen. Everything you receive in life is strongly related to everything you send in the universe in the past.
  8. Doesn’t matter if your thoughts are good or bad, they will always come back with the precision of an echo.
  9. Happy people who live wonderful lives talk and focus more on the things they love and less on the ones they dislike.
  10. Describe and comment about things you like and think about good events that happened to you each day. Talk about what you like. This is how you will attract exactly that thing in your life.
  11. You have an infinite capacity of attracting great things in your life. That’s why all you have to do is to start talking about them.
  12. Love! When you will love unconditionally, you will use the incredible power of the universe.
  13. There are infinite resources in this Universe for everyone. All you have to do is ask, and the Universe will serve. The Universe is the mindless heart that reacts to your heart and listens to your wishes. Fill your heart with love and love will come in your life.

Use these abundance affirmations to improve your life and create a better reality. Check more prosperity laws and abundance affirmations in my article here. Remember these law of attraction quotes and change your mind direction.

You are the driver!


Abundance Affirmations Photo Source:
Abundance Affirmations Photo Source: