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Amazing Leaked Pentagon UFO Photos in December 2020

After Pentagon admitted that the leaked images from 2007 and 2017 were, in fact, real, a new series of leaked images have been confirmed! This time, the shape and size of the Unidentified Flying Object are totally different and makes us wonder: How many types of UFOs are out there, actually?

The leaked Pentagon UFO photos were reported in 2018 and the summer of 2020. We already know that the year 2020 has been crazy and totally messed up. The funny thing is that the following meme that circulated on the media in the last months might have been a total prediction.


Funny alien meme about 2020
Funny alien meme about 2020

This makes us wonder if perhaps these UFO appearances are so many that they simply cannot be covered up anymore. These reports circulated in the US intelligence community and the Pentagon report contains an admission that the objects we see in the photos are probably extraterrestrial. According to Nick Pope, the UFO investigator for the UK Ministry of Defense, this report is offering to the public a small peek behind the government cover up curtains.  Also, he is the one who believes that this is just the beginning of the UFO revelations.

In conclusion, the Pentagon did not yet admit the leaked images, but the circumstances and the source are trustworthy. Let’s see the Leaked Pentagon UFO images