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Now you can download for free this easy and lovely letter A worksheet for Kindergarten and School. The children will learn how to write and identify the letter A and a. The students will write the letter after example. The second exercise from this printable worksheet requires the kids to identify and encircle the letter in a few words. The words contain both big and small cap letter A.

Another interesting exercise is to identify the objects, animals and people whose names start with the letter A from a group and then color the object. This exercise contains lovely and cute illustrations which are very pleasant for the kids. For more worksheets for both mathematics and writing, check our printable worksheet category.

This letter A worksheet is both educational and entertaining for children combining both useful and interesting information. You are free to download this worksheet PDF by clicking the link below. You can then proceed on printing the file on a regular home printer. I hope you will enjoy this file and that it will help you with homeschooling or at your classes.

Letter A School sheet PDF – TwistofCreation.com