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Download now the printable letter B worksheet for kindergarten and school. The letter B worksheet is very useful for teachers who want to offer their students useful and entertaining worksheets. The letter B worksheet we prepared for you contains 3 exercises that will help the kid to learn and identify the letter B. You can download this file and print it, for free.

The exercises you will find in this school printable file are the following:

  1. The first exercise helps the children to write the letter B in big cap and b in small cap. The lines are specially designed to help the children write B;
  2. The next exercise is a series of words containing the letter B, at the beginning and end, but also in the middle of the word. This point will help the pupils to identify the newly learned letter;
  3. In the last exercise, the kids are encouraged to identify the objects whose name start with B and then color these objects. The illustration we choose for this exercise are cute and will help the kids to enjoy the process of learning the alphabet.

Download the worksheet for free from the following options bellow. You can download the PDF file or save the JPG image and print it. The file also contains a space where you can write the name of the student.

Letter B School workSheet – TwistofCreation

Worksheet for letter B for school - Twistofcreation
Worksheet for letter B for school – Twistofcreation

For more school printables check our worksheet category, in our Twis of Creation website. We will publish more articles with the following letter of the alphabet as well as the hand writing of each letter. Our printables will also contain mathematics and other subjects. So stay tuned for more.

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