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Hi there! You can now download the printable letter C worksheet for school and kindergarten. This downloadable file for school will help you provide useful exercises for your pupils and children to learn fast and easy the alphabet. The letter C printable worksheet is designed to offer a fun and interactive method of learning the alphabet letters.

This worksheet contains 3 exercises about the letter C in big and small cap, to help the children write it and identify it in words. We believe that learning should also be fun, so we added a series of interesting illustrations to represent each word.

Our practice worksheet for school and kindergarten includes the following exercises:

  1. The first exercise is about learning how to write the big and small cap letter C. The writing space facilitates reproducing the letter in a fast and easy way;
  2. The second exercise requires the student to identify the letter C and c in a series of words;
  3. The thirds exercise contains some illustrations. The children must identify their names and color only the ones whose names start with the letter C.

We hope that this exercises are easy and fun for the children. We also believe that the volume of the exercise is enough for the children to learn the alphabet, but not get tired or bored in the process. Our exercises combine practical work and cute elements to keep the student focused. You can download the file in PDF format by clicking the next link or you can save the JPG file, below. On our website you will also find many other printables for Mathematics and for developing writing and geometrical skills. Thank you for your attention. I hope these files will be useful to you.

Letter C School Worksheet – Twistofcreation.com

School worksheet with the letter C - TwistofCreation.com
School worksheet with the letter C – TwistofCreation.com