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Download now the free printables containing the letter D worksheet for school and kindergarten. These printables are free to download and use, and we hope they will be useful for the teachers. The letter D worksheet contains 3 exercises that are easy to follow and to complete. The children will have a pleasant time completing this file because we added interesting and cute illustration from flaticon.com

You can download the PDF file or the JPG file, from the below links. The exercises from the worksheet are the following:

  1. The first exercise requires to reproduce the letters D in big cap and in small cap, following the examples;
  2. The next exercise is about identifying the letter in a series of words. The words are common and short, so the kids will find the letters easy and fast. Depending on the previously learned letters, they can also identify the other letters and encircle them with a different color;
  3. The third exercise contains 4 cute illustrations and the pupils must name the objects and identify those whose names start with the letter d. Finally, they must color the respective illustrations.

We believe that these exercises do not need a lot of time for completions and they are both efficient and entertaining. For more worksheets like this one, we invite you to check our category of files for school and kindergarten. We are constantly publishing easy printable files with the alphabet, mathematics and for developing creativity. Click on the link bellow to download the PDF file or save the next JPG file, and print it. Thank you for visiting and we hope these files will help you in teaching the kids the alphabet in an easy and fun way. Have a nice day!

Letter D School and Kindergarten Worksheet – Twistofcreation

School worksheet with letter D - TwistofCreation.com
School worksheet with letter D – TwistofCreation.com