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Download now, for free, the letter F worksheet for School and Kindergarten. These worksheets are easy and fun to work on by the pupils and contain many cute illustrations. On our website you will find a lot of cute educational files that you can download and print and share with your students and children, for home-schooling.

The exercises contained in these files are the following:

  1. The first exercise requires the student to copy the letter F in big and small cap, in the specified spaces, after example;
  2. The next exercise contains a series of words. With a pencil or pen, the child will mark the letter F in big cap and f in small cap. This will help them identify the letter F more easily;
  3. The last exercise contains a few cute and fun illustrations. After identifying by name these objects and beings, the students will color only the illustrations whose names start with the letter F. We left for the end of the file this exercise to help the kid relax and enjoy studying, like a small reward.

We hope that this file is helpful and if you would need more worksheets, feel free to check our other educational files, in the website. Below, you can download the file in PDF format, or you can save the image in JPG format. Thank you for choosing our files and we will publish more in the future. We hope that we helped you in our work and the kids in learning the alphabet.

Letter F School Worksheet – TwistofCreation.com

School worksheet with letter F - twistofcreation.com
School worksheet with letter F – twistofcreation.com