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The mind is tricky. It’s important to get out of the prison of temporal conscience and enter the world of freedom and no time. Live in the present and focus on now! The prison of conscience is the world of suffering, misery, and separation. The world where there is no time is the world of pure conscience, where each moment is free. The present moment is free because all our struggles and problems live in the past or future. This means all your problems live in imagination.

When something is bothering you, ask yourself, “What is wrong right this moment?” If you will do this action, you will realize that there are no problems when you live in the present and focus on now.

So separate the situation from the moment – because the situation will pass, while the moment remains. The situation will always change, while this very moment will always be here perfect and unchanged.

How to live in the present?

Maintain your attention at the moment “now”. You will soon realize that this moment is the only time when you have the power to act and change the world. You can’t change the past or the future. So, if you tightly grab the past or the future, you will be and feel powerless.

Focus on now - Photo source:
Focus on now – Photo source:

Life is happening right now. Act this instant. Live this instant. Create intents right now. Practice detachment from worrisome feelings. Stay in the moment and feel it. This is conscience focused on now, on life and present. You can, right this instant, create beautiful acts or perfections and generosity. Now is the gate to eternity, and when you live in the present, you connect with the source of life. Each moment, the door is open and you can perceive the source. This higher power never abandoned you, but you overlook it every time you are stuck in the past memories or worry about the future’s outcomes.

When you begin to focus on now when you live in the present, you see the fulfillment of life every single moment. This is in your grasp this instant and it’s giving you power. Remember that the only time you have is nowNow is the moment that never ends. When the past happened, it happened in a now moment. When the future will happen, it will happen in a now moment. The present is the only moment that never ends because it can not be measuredThe present is conscience beyond limitations. It represents what it was, what it is and what it will be.

Everything there exists is the activity of the entire world and universe. For each thing to happen, the Universe must act the way it does. Each life fact is a conspiration of the Universe, it follows its laws and regulations. So when you are opposing the present moment, you are trying to fight back the universe. Remember that not the difficult situation create this suffering and struggle, but the fight-back attitude. At this moment, the mind is trying to fight an intolerable situation. But the situation is not intolerable, your mind thinks it is. However, this opposing force you maintain is forcing the situation to perpetuate because you focus on the problem.

Focus on now and live better

When a bad situation happens to you, try to separate the moment from the situation. Let yourself go with the moment. You must enjoy the flow of life as it is to be able to rise above limitations. The present situation might still be intolerable, but the moment will still remain perfect. Because you do what you possibly can when a situation is asking you too, you succeed in staying in your being while you act. This means you are in the world, but you don’t belong to it.

When you abandon your mind and body to the moment and live in the present, you act on the soul level. When you vibrate and act on this soul frequency, you act the best you can at this moment. Try to act without being controlled by an impulse, resentment or some injustice. When your actions come from your soul, you act like a soul warrior – without anger, false modesty, guilt or resentment. Learn to act like a silent witness, and you will act with spontaneity, honest, and on the right moment.

Live in the present - Source photo:
Live in the present – Source photo:

This is a free way of living your life. You are not controlled by suffering or dependency. And the important thing is that the moment is constantly changing. This is the will of this greater self and vibrancy. But if you follow the moment and sail along it instead of against it, you will act without expectations. It’s important to focus on a purpose, but when the intention is not controlled by expectation it will fulfill its purpose. And this will happen, because all the power of the universe is hidden in that intention, in the present. It’s important to understand that the Universe acts and exists only in the infinite present.

So, if you act in this moment, fully conscient, you move along with the evolutionary impulse of the Universe. Each moment, each present moment, you must perform your actions and activities in an impeccable way, living the results to the unknown. You simply do what you have to do the best you can and leave the results for the future. Don’t stress over the outcomes, because each thing has its own time and way. Each time you feel you are building an opposing force, observe it.

When you discover you can’t abandon yourself in the face of a difficult situation, abandon yourself to the pain and suffering. Observe them like a witness. Don’t think of it, just feel it. The Universe is trying to heal you from this pain, but not by eliminating the painful memories. It will help you through a present anchoring. If you can focus on the now and live in the present, you are free.

The easiest way to practice living in the present

A very good technique that will help you live with ease and calmness is to observe your breathing. You don’t breath in the past or in the future. Breathing only exists now and here. With each inhales and exhales you get closer to the Universal frequency. The space between inhaling and exhaling is the place where the infinite conscience is existing. In reality, there is no beginning or end. We live in a perpetual flow of space and time.

Practice mindfulness meditation. It will help you focus on now and on what it is. In each moment, you will see the simplicity and fulfillment of each moment. The entire Universe is born from nothing right this moment. Beyond noise and the turmoil of life, there is peace and quiet. The power of the pure conscience and the freedom of spirit are present, right now. You simply need to rise above and vibrate closer your heart.


I’d like to share with you my experience with this knowledge. Many years ago, after some turbulent and stressful circumstances, I went through awakening experiences. I had dreams similar to what would happen to the soul when it dies. I could see myself rise above the world in the clouds. And in the center of the clouds, there was a light pulling my soul in. While I felt that my soul is sucked in, I could feel my ego diminish and cease to exist.

Somehow, my conscious mind would not die but would go back to a higher conscience. And as my mind would dissolve,  I felt all the worries about life, death, returning, values, money, and love disappear like smoke. And, as my soul would return to its mother,  I felt I was nothing and all at the same time. I remember waking up from that dream like I touched the divinity. There was this blissful emotion that accompanied for several days after that dream. That dream was truly magic and I know for sure how death looks like. However, I don’t plan on going back until I fulfill my purpose here in the world.

Also, even if the feeling of that dream was powerful and awakening, the mundane problems, and possessions values grabbed me back and threw me back into society. Even if you have similar revelations, you can’t keep them powerful too long because the world will infect you with its ideas. So, after a few years from this experience, I was struggling with depression. And even if I was shown this universal truth I couldn’t work with it, yet. I was not ready to keep that feeling strong and share it with the world. And that’s why it’s important to live in the present and focus on now. This is all you have. Right now and right here. And don’t stress over the flow of time, because time is an illusion.

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  1. I’m really bad for focusing on the future rather than the present. I’m constantly thinking about the next thing that’s going to happen, about getting things done and getting to payday, instead of just enjoying the moment. I definitely need to start trying to live in the present more and just enjoy things, rather than stressing over what’s next. It would definitely make things better!

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