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You might think that you already know which animals is the number one in the top longest animals in the world. However, think again because the number one candidate has been overthrown.  Read our list of the animals that can brag about being the longest animals in the world and you will also find a little surprise at the top of the list. Let’s see which are the longest animals in the world. You might be surprised!

1. Siphonophore (46m / 150ft)

On 16th March, 2020, the scientists discovered what seems to be the longest animal on the planet. The organism is called a siphonophore and has 46-metre (150ft). It was found in the Ningaloo Reef off Western Australia, while the scientists were performing an expedition. At the moment, this living creature it is believed to be the longest animal on Earth. This creature is related to jelly fish, and feed on plankton. However, the Siphonophore is not a single entity, but a colony of identities that are genetically the same. These individuals cannot live on their own and living in colonies is vital for them. Each small entity is called a zooid and has its own place in the colony.

Check the following video of the scientists commentaries and analyzes about the structure of the Siphonophone organism. You will notice the up close of the longest animal in the world and more insights from the biologists and ocean life scientists.

2. Bootlace worm (55 m / 180 ft)

Some people claim that the bootalce worm is the longest animal in the world. The scientists explained that, on average, this worm grows between 5 to 10 meters. However, in 1864, in St Andrews in Fife, UK, was reported a Bootalce worm of 55 meters. This would have been the longest living creature, however the sources are not entirely reliable since the worm can contract or extend when threatened.

3. Lion’s mane jellyfish (36.5 m / 119 ft)


One of the longest animals on Earth is the beautiful Lion’s Mane Jellyfish, thanks to its 36.5 metres in length. They live in the colder waters of the oceans from the Northern Hemisphere. These predators use their tentacles to sting and paralyze other fish, crustacean and even other jellies. White the body of the jellyfish is around 30-50 centimetres in diameter, the tentacles can grow up to 36 meters. Who would not be “jelly” on a length like that?

4. Blue whale (25 m / 82 ft)

The longest and largest mammal on Earth is the well known Blue whale. It can grow up to 25 meters in length,  can weight up to 150 000 kg and has a lifespan of 90 years. This whale is a member of the Balaenopteridae family and Artiodactyla order. It is by far one of the most fascinating animals in the world. They feed almost exclusively on small shrimplike animals called krill. It is common for the Blue whale to spend the summers in the cold oceans from the Polar areas and migrate towards the Equator when winter arrives. The sounds they emit to communicate can he heard from miles away.

5. The python (8 m / 26 ft)

One of the longest animals to crawl the earth is a python found in Malaysia in 2016. The snake easily measured around 8 meters in length. However, shortly after being captured the giant snake died while laying an egg.

6. African bush Elephant (10 m / 32 ft)

The longest land animal was reported to be an elephant from Angola, that was shot in 1974. The long elephant was 10 meters long and the standing shoulder height was 4 meters. The male elephant weighted around 12 tonnes.


7. Saltwater Crocodile (6 m / 19 ft)

Another amazing animal is the Saltwater crocodile. One official measurement revealed a specimen of around 6 meters. Most say that there are bigger crocodiles roaming in the waters, due to poor research in this field, the info could not be confirmed. On average, the Saltwater crocodile lengths roughly around 4 – 5.5 meters.

Saltwater crocodile - Longest animals on the Planet - twist of creation
Saltwater crocodile

8. Giraffe (5 m / 16 ft)

This lovely African animal is one of the longest animals in the world, or tallest. It can grow up to 5 meters and weight around 1,600 kg (3,500 lb) for male giraffes and 830 kg (1,800 lb) for female giraffes. The extremely long neck of the giraffe can measure about half of the entire length of the animal.

Giraffe - Twist of Creation