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Love Poems – Indulge yourself in these original love poems written by Christina on July 2019 (Cristina-Vivi Iordache). These poems express love, devotion, passion and warm feelings for the significant other.

Heart of butterflies

You touched my hand,
You touched my skin,
My hair, my neck, my deepest sin.

You touched my head
You touched my ears
Took off my mask, revealed my fears

You kissed my eyes,
You kissed my lips,
Left me in the dark like an eclipse.

You looked at me
I saw your eyes,
You touched my heart of butterflies.

(Christina / 2019)

Heart of butterflies - Love Poems - Christina 2019

Forever not yours

I will always love you from afar…
You will never know my face,
In my darkest dream, you are my star
My mind is blank, my heart – a race.

In dreams, you love me,
My soul is yours,
I’d dream a lifetime,
I’d dream for more…

But in real life, you will never see me …
I live in the house of shadows,
I bath in mystery.

From the darkness of my mind, I admire your bright light,
You who shine on the tallest mountains, through the deepest seas
You light all my thoughts, emotions, and black memories.
Forever in love,
Forever not yours,
Of you, my heart dreams
Only you, it adores

(Christina / 2019)

The Underachiever

You scan the sky, you search the stars,
You dream of love greater than ours.

You live in books, plans, and ideas,
Against my feelings, you built a bias.

You guide your life through diagrams,
You drip me love in milligrams.

Your sparkly mind – a greedy dreamer,
Your stone-cold heart – underachiever.

(Christina / 2019)

The Underachiever - Love Poems - Christina 2019

A billion miles

I look at you, you’re like a star,
Looking so cool, driving your car.

Your favorite song is on radio,
Your lovely eyes begin to glow.

You grab my hand, we share our smiles,
I would ride with you a billion miles.

(Christina / 2019)

A billion Miles - Christina 2019 - Love Poems

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