Mind-Body Connection Exercise to reconnect

What does is it mean to have a strong mind body connection? What’s like to be feeling disconnected? What is a good mind-body connection exercise?

When your balance and harmony between mind and body is broken, you can’t connect with your body. And when the body connection is unbalanced, you can’t ask the cells of your body to function properly and to answer your desires. You start feeling disconnected when you neglect your body, you judge it and you harshly criticize it.

Depending on how much this body connection is disrupted you are feeling worse with each day. You no longer enjoy life, you have no vitality, you feel a great level of discomfort and you are confused and in pain.

When you suffer an accident or you are chronically ill, your energy level is low and your mind body connection is weak. Not many people realize that feeling disconnected from their body is triggering depression, sadness, and emptiness.

There are many symptoms when you are feeling disconnected and it’s important to observe them in order to create your mind-body connection.

Symptoms of feeling disconnected

  • You feel detached from your body and its signals
  • It’s difficult to feel any pleasure
  • You are constantly comparing your body with others’
  • In your mind, you have a list of standards of a perfect body and you feel yours fits nowhere in that list
  • You feel ugly and useless in your own skin
  • You feel disgusted when you think about your body
  • Embarrassment feelings appear when someone is touching your body
  • Every time someone wants to get closer, you put up defensive walls and are surprised
  • Most of the times, you feel heavy
  • You don’t consider yourself feminine or masculine enough
  • Sometimes, you feel like your body doesn’t belong to you
Recreate - mind body connection exercise
Recreate – mind-body connection exercise

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Many people made of these actions a habit. You are used to disregarding your body needs and desires. More than this, we let our bodies suffer from stress for a long period of time.  Also, the body will always feel when is ignored or neglected. If you’d have a strong mind body connection, any disorder will be felt instantly. The body connection could work well if we would listen to its needs.

Let’s do a little mind-body connection exercise that will restore your inner ballance. Use the following list to analyze your body connection and how you can improve the way you feel about your body. For each item write down if you: I like it, Doesn’t bother me, It’s uncomfortable or I always avoid.

_________to wear bath suits or clothes that reveal my body.

________to wear tight clothes.

________to look at myself in a big mirror.

________to try out clothes in a fitting room.

________to dance.

________to practice team sports.

________to hug someone.

________to cuddle with someone.

________to make love with the lights on.

________to expose myself in public.

________to describe how I look.

________to flirt.

________to think about my weight.

________to let a friend touch me.

________to hear other people talking about how I look.

________to stay silent, especially in public.

________to try new things and experiences.

________to be naked in from of my significant other.

________to change in front of other people when I go to gym.

________to buy underwear.

This little test is not meant to give you a score or some analysis on your mind body connection. Its purpose is to focus on each element where you answer with It’s uncomfortable and find ways to change the situation. For each item, imagine yourself being in that situation. Don’t feel stressed or strained and relax. Imagine that you are changing in the locker room of the gym. Try to imagine that everyone is looking at you and then they all look away and mind their own business. Do this until it no longer feels awkward of frustrating.

There are 5 steps in this mind-body connection exercise.

  1. Analyze each situation and visualize the blocked energy.
  2. Confront the income situation
  3. You no longer feel bothered by that situation
  4. You begin to feel comfortable in your skin.
  5. Now, you can be in that uncomfortable situation and even enjoy it.

Don’t force yourself to enjoy something from the start. Remember that you need time to modify a habit or a mental response. You can’t buy a bathing suit and instantly feel at ease wearing it.

Give yourself time to recreate your mind-body connection, but remember at all times to love yourself.