Multiple UFOs on Mars - TwistofCreation

In October, 2021, multiple UFOs on Mars were captured by the Curiosity Rover of NASA. On Sol 3282 (2021-10-30 11:33:46 UTC), Front Hazard Avoidance Camera (Front Hazcam) that is onboard of NASA’s rover captured in one of the thousands photos what seemed to be a group of multiple UFOs on Mars. The objects vary in size and seem to be hovering the surface of the red planet. We cannot say for sure what these objects are, but they seem to be spying on the rovers from time to time, as we saw in other images. Below, you can check the original image from NASA.

In previous articles we wrote about the proof that there is water on Mars and about the strange lights on Mars that could be related to some underground Martian communities. However, we also consider that these lights might come from some other sources, like chemical reactions. We do not completely exclude the possibility of existence of living creatures. Who knows, but we might be closer to finding more evidence about live out there, in the Universe.
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