Light on Mars - February 13th, 2021

In February, 2021, NASA announced that the Perseverance rover successfully landed on Mars and it is currently successfully analyzing the martial soil. But what are these mysterious lights on Mars, that we spotted in the pictures posted by JPL? Could they be some sort of geysers? Camp fires? Or maybe are they artificial lights created by an intelligent civilization? We do not know, but here they are; the most strange lights caught on Mars.

1. Strange blue Light in Perseverance’s Photos on Mars

On February 22nd, 2021, NASA published on their website a 360 degree images with the surrounding surface where the new modern and highly performing rover, Perseverance, landed. While checking this incredible photo, you can notice something rather odd. In the far distance, you can see a bluish light bursting from the surface of the planet. You can check the image here or by viewing the image, below:

To better see this interesting light on Mars, the recommendation is to download the image and zoom in. You will see an interesting light in the far middle section.

Blue light on Mars surface - Twist of Creation
Blue light on Mars surface – Twist of Creation
Credit: NASA/JPL

2. Mysterious light captured by Curiosity Rover on Mars

The next images captured by Curiosity Rover, on Mars, on February 13th, 2021, show a strange light appearing in the far mountains. In the rest of the image we can see dust and particles stuck on the lenses of the rover. But, while browsing the images, you can notice that a strange light appears and then disappears, while the rest of the particles remain as they are. What could be the explanation behind this odd light on Mars?

3. Light flying on Mars – perhaps UFO?

Another light captured on the martial soil was from same day, 13th February, 2021. Could it be that something or someone was observing the rover from a distance? In these following images it is observed a light bursting in the sky, and in the next images it disappear. It is also probable that the light is just a dust particle like the other white dots we notice in the images. However, the other images appear to be stuck on the lenses, while this one disappears. You can find the original image here. and before and after.

To notice these lights, you should also observe the other images in the series. This way you will see these lights that appear all of a sudden and disappear in the next image.
What do you think? Are these mysterious lights on Mars just some faults in the camera, dust caught on the lenses or something else, maybe aliens?

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech