NFL Player helps change tire

Sometimes, it’s not the big deeds that make us see good in people around us, but the small ones. These days, the kind story of the NFL player that helps change a tire was consumed on all the social media.

On the Easter morning,  Ms. Isbell, his high school biology teacher, was all dressed up and driving to the church, in Lake View, South Carolina. Soon, the car got a flat tire so she was stranded on the side of the road.

Luckily for her, Darius Leonard, The Indianapolis Colts linebacker, noticed her on the side of the road and pulled over. Without a lot of explaining, he grabbed the tire and began changing it.

NFL Player changing the tire for his teacher
NFL Player changing the tire for his teacher

Martha Isbell felt safe when he pulled over and offered to change the tire. She also mentioned that he knew it was his teacher the person stranded with a flat tire. However, he would have helped any other stranger in her situation. Darius was on his way home to participate in an Easter egg hunt with the children. He is very involved with his local town activities and he’s a kind soul. [Source]

We need more people like Darius Leonard. The NFL player helps change the tire and he acts like it was nothing. Not many people would stop from their road to save someone else.

Thank you!