Small weird alien - Twist of creation

The story that we are about to tell you about the small weird alien, happened in 2021, in England. A woman in England bought herself a new smartphone and took a walk outside to take a few pictures and test it. She walked her dog and took a few pictures of the street and the building in her area. She did not notice anything suspicious, until she went home and downloaded the pictures into the laptop.

Melissa Braham lives in St Helens and received the new smartphone, for her birthday, in February, 2021. In the pictures she captured she noticed a small weird alien looking creature. It appeared to have legs, arms and a head that seemed a bit oversized for the proportions of the body. The weird creature appeared to walk from right to left and its skin seems to be white. Whatever this little creature is, it does not seem to be a hoax. It is actually casting a shadow on the ground, according to the actual position of the sun, in the picture.

Weird small alien creature - Twist of Creation
Weird small alien creature – Twist of Creation

Certainly, the humanoid creature does not look like a squirrel, mouse, cat or any other animal. Could it be some sort of illusion created by some vegetation around? The picture captured by Melissa has a resolution of 12 MP and she did not use Zoom or any kind of enhancement of the image. If you like this kind of articles, do no forget to check our other articles in the UFO and Amazing stories categories.

Check below the video of the story: