Apophis fly by Earth (Image credit: ESA - P.Carril)

We feel like something massive is coming because the news start to buzz with a lot of alarming stories. Could the scientist get ready for an asteroid hitting Earth in the next 20 years? What could it be? Many counter-measures are being implemented very fast and we wonder what is the deal. Let’s check the news that make us say: “Red flag!”.

1. America establishing the Space Force Department in 2019

On 20th December, 2019, (right at the very beginning of the pandemic in the world), U.S.A. announced that they signed the Space Force law as part of the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act. For the new department of the Air Force, the government assigned $2 billion over the next five years and would require over 15,000 personnel. If the Space Force Department is not designed to protect the Earth from an alien invasion or an asteroid hitting earth, we wonder what is its purpose?

Americas Space Force
America’s Space Force

2. Apophis, the asteroid that could hit Earth

On 19th June, 2004, Roy A. Tucker, David J. Tholen and Fabrizio Bernardi discovered the Apophis asteroid while working at the Kitt Peak National Observatory  in Tucson, Arizona. They named the object at that time 2004 MN4. However, the astronomers would only study it for a few days due to bad weather conditions and equipment issues. The next year, in 2005, they named the asteroid Apophis, the Greek name after an ancient representation of the demon serpent who dwells in the darkness and often attempts to devour the god of the Sun, Ra, while he flies across the sky. Could Apophis be an asteroid hitting Earth in the next 20 years?

Apophis fly by Earth (Image credit: ESA - P.Carril)
Apophis fly by Earth (Image credit: ESA – P.Carril)

Apophis is an asteroid made of stone and silicates and has the shape of a peanut. It is believed that Apophis is a part of the primordial matter that built our Solar System. It could be a part of a bigger asteroid from the belt that collided and projected Apophis in its current trajectory that is very close to the Earth’s orbit. Based on early calculation, the Apophis asteroid has 2.7% chances to hit the planet in 2029. In 2006, this probability was dismissed only to accepted a new hypothesis that the asteroid has more chances to hit the Earth in 2068.

The Apophis asteroid is 340 meters long and if it would hit the Earth at a speed of 45,000 mph (20 kilometers per second), it would release million times more energy than the bombs from Hiroshima. Since the chances that Apophis will hit the Earth are not 0, we must still pay attention to the “details”.

3. The meaning behind the “Don’t look up” movie

A very quick response to the latest changes and information about Earth is the 2021 movie, “Don’t look up”. It was directed by Adam McKay and the cast members include Leonardo diCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Timothee Chalamat, Meryl Streep and Ariana Grande. The movie is a satire portraying the society going through an apocalyptic event. While all the other movies take this subject very serious, the movie “Don’t look up” shows the ugly face of the humanity. Two scientists portrait by Leonardo diCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence discover that an asteroid will hit Earth and destroy it. While they try to bring awareness about this imminent event, we get to observe the real face of the society that is more inclined to pay attention to the celebrity gossips and latest scandals. We know for sure that Leonardo diCaprio is a very outspoken activist in what concerns the climate changes and we believe that his role in this movie is not random. This satire made us think deeper about the meaning of such an event. It’s almost as if they are serving the bitter reality on the table.

Dont-Look-Up - movie 2021
Dont-Look-Up – movie 2021

4. NASA launched rocket to deflect asteroid Dimorphos

On 24th November, 2021, NASA launched from Vandenberg US Space Force Base, the SpaceX-owned Falcon 9 rocket, the Dart. The mission of the rocket is to crash into an asteroid to prevent it from hit Earth. The mission is only a test as this asteroid’s trajectory is not hitting Earth.

The rocket will hit the asteroid at the speed of 15,000mph (24,100km/h) in the hope to deflect it and change its orbit. This action is meant to give us more experience in deflecting objects that could hit our planet in the future. However, why are all this actions happening all at once? Do they know something that we don’t?

5. The race of the giant companies to reach space

In last years, the race to reach space, Moon and Mars increased as the giant companies, Space-X, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic are building space craft to reach the space and make it available for citizens. They even went as far as to send civilians to space in autonomous space-crafts, such as the Space-X Dragon capsule that allowed 4 civilians to orbit the Earth for 3 days. Elon Musk, the owner of Space-X launched and tested to date 15 spaceships and he is planning of taking humans to Mars by 2026

The mission of Blue Origin is to create a commercial space station named “Orbital Reef” and even a “space hotel”.

Could these be counter-measure to prevent human extinction in the case of an asteroid hitting Earth?

6. The black box of humanity

If the last details did not spark any curiosity for this subject, you should know that scientists are building a black box in the case the humans become extinct. This black box will record the end of civilization, as well as all the accomplishment of our society. More than this, the device will also record all the factors and events of the civilization down-fall. The function of the device will be similar to the black box used in the airplanes to record all the events that happened in the plane.

Black Box of Humanity
Black Box of Humanity

7. Doomsday Clock remained in 2021 at 100 seconds to midnight

Founded in 1945 by Albert Einstein and University of Chicago scientists, the Doomsday Clock is alerting the society how close it is to doomsday if they continue with their destructive actions towards nature, climate and other people. The ones who decide the time of the clock are the Bulletin’s Science and Security Board in consultation with its Board of Sponsors, which includes 13 Nobel laureates. The clock indicates the vulnerability of the world to the catastrophe of nuclear weapons, climate change, pandemics and other factors.

Since 2020, the clock has been set to 100 seconds from midnight, which is the closest to the midnight since its founding, in 1945.

The doomsday clock
The doomsday clock

What do you think about these news? Could they be hiding that something massive is coming to us? Should we be worries or should we start preparing for the worst? What do you think?

Stay informed, stay curious!