4th monolith in new england - twist of creation - myterious strange monoliths

What are the strange mysterious monoliths appearing all over the world? Could they be an extraterrestrial device, a form of futuristic art or a simple global prank? Let’s check all the appearances to date and decide if they are real of fake.

1. The Mysterious Monolith from Utah desert

The first metal monolith was found in November, 2020, by a team of biologists surveilling the Utah dessert and analyzing the fauna. However, during their trip, they noticed something peculiar in the middle of nowhere. They shared the pictures of the mysterious monolith on the social media, hoping that someone will know what the object is. The structure was between 10 – 12 feet and appeared to be made of aluminum.  Many viewers saw a strange similarity with the famous monolith from the SF movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”. In the movie, the strange monolith is meant to show itself to evolved beings to reveal them the meaning of life. Our monoliths are not as smart as the object in the movie, but it’s worth checking out.

People started to visit the metal column and take picture with it. However, after a few days, a team disassembled the structure during the night, claiming that the metal structure was sparking too much attention and the people who came to visit it started to leave trash in the nature. Here is the video and you can see that the monolith is just an empty metal structure.

2. New mysterious strange monoliths appear in the world, in Romania

Soon, a new monolith appeared, this time, in Romania. In the town Piatra Neamt, people noticed in a natural protected area a tall strange-looking metal structure. It was 9ft tall, but it looked more rudimentary and the wielding were visible all over its surface. It was quite obvious that the metal structure was man-made, and it disappeared after the Utah monolith was taken down.

Strange Monolith appear in Romania - twistofcreation
Strange Monolith appear in Romania – twistofcreation – Source: ziarpiatraneamt.ro

3. Metal Monolith appears in California

And when we thought that the series of crazy monoliths ended a new metal column was found in California. The 3rd monolith was found in Pine Mountain in Atascadero. The three-sided object measured roughly 10ft and it was similar in shape and structure to the other monoliths. This object was first spotted by a hiker. Later, the monolith was taken down and removed by four men, at night.

It appears that these objects are becoming a trend and it is obvious by now that they are made by humans, but the question remains: Why?

4. 4th Monolith appears in New England – Mysterious Strange Monoliths

A new monolith appeared on the south coast of England sparking the curiosity once again. On the Isle of Wight, Tom Dunford spotted a new strange monolith while walking his dog. He was aware of the stories with the metal structure so he took pictures and videos of the newest metal object. The new monolith is 10 ft tall and has a very reflective surface, almost like a mirror. Now we can say that these monoliths are no longer mono, since they are not one of a kind.

We wonder if these monoliths will keep showing up everywhere in the world. Hopefully, we will find out what is their purpose and if they mean anything or are simple jokes.

5. Monolith appears in Belgium, in a potato field

After the monoliths from United States, Romania and UK, more monoliths appeared around the world. The people of a small town in Belgium were surprised to find a metal monolith in the muddy soil of a potato field, this week.

Later, more monoliths appeared, one in the town of Fayetteville and another one in Colombia. Check the posts from witnesses, below. The monolith from Chia, Colombia has a golden finish and the visitors believe it is controlling all of them, and that is cute…. 🙂

6. New Monolith found on a deserted beach in Romania, Constanta

This week, a new monolith was discovered on the Vadu beach in Constanta, Romania. This is the second mysterious strange monolith appearing in Romania. The size and shape is the same as usual, but this time the witness could also see car trails in the sand. This demonstrates that the metal structure was delivered using a car, and not an UFO.


Black monolith on deserted beach Constanta, Romania - twistofcreation
Source: digi24.ro

7. New Monolith found in the most remote place in the world, Antarctica

The new strange monolith was found in Antarctica, near The Debenham Islands. The people who found it even gave the coordinates to the weird monument. What do you think?


Are these structures made by man or by aliens? We know for sure that if an actual extraterrestrial monolith were to show up in the future, we can say that nobody will take it seriously. 🙂