Antarctica is still a territory that is not explored enough and to this day, and those who dare to travel to these cold lands found many strange objects. Check our list of 8+ Strange objects found in Antarctica and prepare to be amazed. We know that even if we dare to explore the space and even send rovers to explore other planets, we haven’t deciphered all the secrets of the oceans, caves and ice.

1. The alien face in Antarctica

A very recent and interesting discovery is the gigantic face in the snow in Antarctica. If you go to Google Earth and search for the next coordinates:  72°00′ 36.00” S , 168° 34′ 40.00” E, you will be amazed by an amazing alien face visible from the satellite.

Alien face in Antarctica - Twist of Creation
Alien face in Antarctica – Twist of Creation

The face is as big as the mountain and you can distinguish two closed eyes, a small protuberance as a nose and a small mouth. The side of its forehead looks impressive compared to the rest of the face. If we were to speculate, we would say it resembles with a bizarre pharaoh from Egypt, Akhenaten. Many believed that his origins are not from our world and he might be an alien who came to tach the humans sciense, law and arts.

Pharaoh Akhenaten
Pharaoh Akhenaten

2. The oval shaped object in Antarctica

The Science Channel published an article and a video about finding a strange oval object in Antarctica. The coordinates for this object are: 66°17′ 10.00” S , 100° 29′ 07.00” E, and it can be found on Google Earth. The scientists speculate if this object was caused by an UFO falling in the ice and creating a dent or if the ice succumbed due to a natural phenomenon. It measures 400 feet and it looks as if it is artificial.

Strange Oval shaped object in Antarctica - Twist of Creation
Strange Oval shaped object in Antarctica – Twist of Creation

Check more about this story in the video below:

3. The pyramid in Antarctica

A few years ago viewers noticed something which looked like a man-made pyramid in the cold lands of the South Pole. The coordinates of this structure are: 78.3500° S, 163.4999° E. Scientists believe that the structure is a natural mountain and not a pyramid made by humans because there is no proof that humans ever lived there. However, since they did not dig up to see if this is in fact proved, we can still speculate.

4. Strange stones uncovered in Antarctica

In 2021, someone noticed something new and interesting in Antarctica, that you can notice on, you guessed, Google Earth. The viewers saw some rocks displayed in lines, but to this point, nobody knows what they are and if they are part of something greater hidden beneath the snow.

5. Scientist found strange creature living under ice in Antarctica

At the beginning of 2021, scientists who were studying the ice layers in Antarctica uncovered something interesting. They found living creatures underneath a very thick layer of ice.

You can find the article about the creature living under 900 meters of ice, here.

6. Mysterious trails of UFO crashing in the ice at the South Pole

The next images started a hot debate between the UFO believers and UFO sceptics of the world. The images on the Google Earth seem to show mysterious trails of an UFO crashing or landing in the snow of Antarctica. Check the video and decide for yourself.

7. Mysterious rectangular structure under the ice

More viewers found an interesting object on Google Earth. It appears to be a 2,000 feet tall building with a rectangular shape. It looks as if someone cut it from above, especially because the shape is quite regular. Check the video from NASA about this amazing object:

8. Strange object emitting a ray of light

The next object was found next to a mountain in Antarctica and it appears to be emitting a beam of light from one side. The mirror published this news in 2018, and we still don’t have a clue about the object itself.

Object emitting light - Twist of creation
Object emitting light – Twist of creation

We are not sure what these Strange Objects found in Antarctica are, but we hope that the scientists and explorers will reveal their secrets.