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Check the list with these weird and strange phenomenon happening in the year 2020. You will find out about strange lights in the sky, pyramids of lights, weird animals spotted around the world, trail of lights and strange events happening in the year 2020. Let’s check these events that made million of people wonder what is going on.

Strange phenomenon happening in 2020

1. Second sunset appearing over Britain and US in March

The people from Britain and United States have been the witnesses of a very strange phenomenon, during March. For two weeks they could see, each morning what seemed to be a second sunset. Weird light beams appeared over the horizon and were visible for an hour, each morning. What is even more interesting is the fact the it looked like a pyramid of light coming from East. Even if this phenomenon can be seen twice per year, the light pollution is making this almost impossible. However, the social distancing caused a decrease in air and light pollution, the amazing pyramid of light, also called the Zodiacal light was, once again, visible in the dusk sky.  This strange phenomenon can be witnessed during late February or early March.

Twist of creation - Pyramid of light - Strange phenomenon 2020
Source: The Sun

You can read more about this interesting event here. Check the following video which explains how the Second sun phenomenon is created and why.

2. Locust invasion in East Africa

While the rest of the world is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, East Africa has to also fight a terrifying and almost biblical phenomenon. A locust invasion is threatening the local agriculture and could possibly create famine. Affected by the climate change, the locusts swarm invaded large areas from Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia, for the last couple of months. This phenomenon that we could only hear about in the bible, is now threatening the food security and livelihoods of millions of people. While the authorities are spraying insecticides across more than 240 000 hectares to fight this invasion which can potentially cause disease and food problems, the people must also be careful about the measures required to keep the new corona-virus in control.

3. Photographer captured images of angel in the sky

To continue in a biblical tone, the next news is about a man who photographed what looked like an “angel in the sky”. Lee Howdle was hiking in the British Peak District National Park, in February, 2020. While walking with the sun behind him, Lee could witness an angelical silhouette reflected in the clouds in front of him. Thankfully, he could capture pictures of this strange phenomenon with his camera. He could see his shadow encircled in a beautiful rainbow.

Angel in the sky - Twist of creation - Strange phenomenon 2020
Source: The Sun

Even if the phenomenon looks incredible, it has a perfectly logical explanation. This phenomenon is also called the mountain specter and requires a shadow and misty weather. Lee is an a avid photographer and was quite impressed by this beautiful natural phenomenon. You can read more about this, here.

4. Glowing dolphins spotted in in California

Beautiful footage was capture in California by a man, during April 2020. What he witnessed is what seemed to be dolphins glowing in the dark. He was visiting the coast of California’s Newport beach, in the middle of the night when he noticed the eerie scenes. However, this event is not unexplained. The scientist are explaining that the bioluminescence¬† is caused by very small organism called dinoflagellates. These organisms are sensitive to movement, and whenever they are touched they release luminescent chemicals.

Glowing dolphins - Strange phenomenon in 2020 - Twistofcreation
Source: YouTube / Patrickc_la

Check the following video captured by photographer Patrick Coyne, in the waters of the Californian coast and be amazed by he beauty of the nature. This phenomenon is also the one that is causing the glowing beaches.

5. Strange phenomenon of amazing trail of lights in the sky in April 2020

Many people around the globe could witness this year an incredible trail of light that resembled a series of UFOs. While, many believed this strange sight in the skies is related to a close encounter with beings from other worlds, the scientists know that these lights have more earthly origins.

Trail of lights 2020 - weird 2020 - Twist of creation

The trail of lights is in fact man-made and it consists of a series of satellites launched by Elon Musk. Starlink is a very ambitious project destined to provide the best broadband internet system. So far, about 420 satellites have been launched, but the total number of satellites included in the project SpaceX is about 12 000. This means that this sight will be even more common in the near future.


6. Wheel-like shape UFO in NASA photos

The STEREO project of NASA (Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory) released in February photos that seemed to include a strange looking object, something we would call UFO. The object looks like a wheel and many compared it with Deep Space Nine from the Star Trek series.

wheel like UFO - Twist of Creation
Source: cnet.com

Even if we would like to know for sure that there are other intelligent beings out there, NASA returned in March and brought us back to reality. The strange looking UFO from the NASA images turned out to be a reflection of Venus. But could this be just a regular cover up?

7. Incredible phenomenon over the Tulsa city, Oklahoma

Tulsa - Red clouds - Twist of Creation
Source: Michael Seger | Twitter

Many people from Tulsa, Oklahoma, witnessed a very strange phenomenon in the sky. The sky turned red and the clouds had a very peculiar shape. The locals looked curious out of their windows and captured on video the strange phenomena. The authorities emitted, at first, a tornado warning, but they canceled it afterwards. The strange phenomenon is not unusual, but it is common for tropical and temperate climate, and most of the time indicate heavy rains and storms. Check the next video to see the interesting clouds.


8. The appearance and strange disappearance of a Metal Monolith in Utah

On 18th November, 2020, while surveying a deserted area in Utah, a scientists team found a 10 to 12 feet tall metal monolith. Nobody could say where it came from or who places it in that remote area. Several speculations said that it could be a form of art, protest, a prank, while some more bold conspirationists stated that it could be related to the metal monolith from the well known movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. While the monolith in the movie had alien sources, this monolith could not be studied, because after a few days from its appearance it disappeared.
The structure was illegally placed in a protected area and it is probable that the creators were aware of this.

Utah_monolith - TwistofCreation
Strange Monolith in Utah  РTwistofCreation (Image source: nypost.com)

But what if 2001: A Space Odyssey was actually predicting the future and we witnessed some sort of alien object? Perhaps, we will not know for sure, for the moment.

9. Purple clouds in Sweden

The residents in a Swedish town were shocked to see that the sky began to turn purple at night. However, this phenomenon has a perfectly logical reason. A new energy-efficient lighting system has been installed at the local tomato farm. The purple light helps the plants grow better, but in cloudy and humid nights, the light is reflected in the droplets of water in the atmosphere creating an eerie effect.


Could the year 2020 bring us even more than we already saw? Well, we will have to wait and see. We hope that through these turbulence, to grow stronger and wiser, to see what more has this world to show us.