Czeck Republic Tornado - Twist of Creation

An incredible tornado hit on 25th June, 2021, the Czech Republic, and it made us understand the the climate change is a reality and it is closer to us that expected. Because to the latest extreme weather changes from heavy rains to canicular temperatures, the tornadoes start to appear more often than before. To better understand this phenomenon, just think that while in Russia, in North, there were temperatures around 35 – 40 °C ( 95 – 104 ºF), in Romania, in South-East, there were 16 – 20 °C (60 – 68 ºF).
This time, a level 4 tornado swept villages in the south-eastern Breclav and Hodonin districts.

Czech republic - Twist of Creation
Czech republic – Twist of Creation

Jan Grolich, the governor or South Moravia, described this tornado as a living hell. The wins that hit the cars, building and people measured around 219 km/h (136 mph). For the moment, around 5 people were reported dead, and over 150 injured by the debris and flying pieces of building and rocks. More than that, after the tornado slowed in speed, a hail storm hit the lands.

The Czech Republic government stated that over 1000 homes were damaged by the phenomenon and the local authorities and the volunteers are working to provide food and shelter to the people affected by the tornado in Czech Republic. The people who witnessed the horror tornado had the strong impression that this is the apocalypse. The school has no roof, the church is missing the tours and many homes were put to the ground.

While the tornadoes are rare in this area of Europe, the intensity of the phenomenon is rare. In the South-East Europe many tornadoes are formed at the base of clouds, but most of them never touch the ground to create damage.