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While doing the Devil’s Cauldron iPhone Experiment, the famous hot springs in Nevada, the YouTuber TechRax filmed something quite strange. Using a drone and an iPhone 11 and iPhone X he tried to film the underwater area in the Devil’s Cauldron. His footages show a rather peculiar image inside the pools before shutting down.

TechRax dropped a first iPhone in the hot spring and could hear on the footage sounds that were similar to voices screaming from the water. The creepy sounds remained a mystery. The geothermal feature is located on a quite small fault in Nevada, in the Nye County. While dropping the second phone the eerie sounds appeared again and as the phone was submerging in the water it started spinning and the frightening sounds appeared again until the recording was interrupted.

It is not sure if the sounds is made by the hot water affecting the phone’s electrical elements or by the environment, but it is a mystery yet to be elucidated.

The Devil’s Cauldron iPhone Experiment Video

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